so excited about the Orange Orangutan news!!! & subsidized senior heaven...

know the shit is going to hit the fan because he's a fuckwad.

wow, the optics of putin shaking hands and smiling with mbs. the despots of russia and saudi arabia. they have the OO by the short hairs. obviously. this is so awful and fucking fascinating.

i know i'm not saying anything that you guys haven't said in a much more erudite way. but i'm binge watching msnbc so it's pretty up to date. yes, i know i'm a looney tune. i have a lovely basket of mental illnesses. kind of feel like if i don't watch, all hell with break loose. even though things go to shit every hour, every day. and even when you scroll, you still have to get a glimpse of that repellent toad. no offense to toads.

and have to hear him.

oh, and you already know off of this shit, but i love that he's so upset that he canceled important meetings at the G, shit, what is the number? he's such a fragile flower....

did he put the kibosh on the putin meeting or did he change his mind because he can't bear to not spend time with his True Love.

okay, i'm going to go back to whining about a horrible problem that i have here in Subsidized Senior Heaven. which i ended up in because my dead husband's medical bills -- pancreatic cancer -- completely wiped me out. i was almost homeless so i am grateful beyond words to have a roof over my head. but that doesn't stop me from ranting about one of the lovely residents here.

but and please don't get too envious of my fabulous life, we have bingo once a week and i love bingo and we have jeopardy twice a month. what is so interesting is that we have this because the building is gorgeous on the outside so people knock on the door and 2 have ended up volunteering here!!!

susan is our bingo person. she is adorable. she's 51 but doesn't look it. she says it's because black don't crack but i think it's because she is such a lovely person. i won't complain about my fellow players. well, the bingo ones are challenging. they are very competitive about a game that is not based on skills, it is totally luck. and because my hearing is impaired and i have this dizzy thing that affects my body AND brain, i sit next to susan. i've told her that i may end up sitting in her lap because i still can't always hear her. and hearing aids are $2000 and medicare doesn't cover them and yada yada yada...

so they think i'm cheating and it pisses me off. you can't make this shit up. well, susan is pretty co-dependent so she keeps an eye on my cards and will tell me when i miss something, especially when i have bingo because i often don't notice it.

so back to her life. she has a paranoid schizophrenic son so she will do almost anything to get and stay out of the house. there are four building that the company behind this have so she goes to them but we are her favorite. and we are really fun. since i am a comedian -- i did standup comedy open mikes and got laughs and applause!!! but my comedy buddy died which was very annoying. so the AG got very bad and i stopped doing it. but what makes me a tiny optimistic the agoraphobic because there is not age limit on comedy. so i can be the geriatric comic. the cat lady with a fondness for the canine americans.

okay, another tangent that has tangents.

hmmm, yes, susan. she is a lovely person and is also a visual delight. she has these delightful head wraps and she is very fond of a fashion theme. one time she showed up with yellow and black tights with matching blouse and such. and it was not halloween. the last time she was dressed in early Lumberjack with red and black, oh shit, it's gone. well, red and black squares on every item, including her shoes. so much fun!!!

oh and her dog is named teddy!!!!

there is so much more about her and about bingo but i will talk about that another time. oh yes, this was such a hoot. i was not enjoying some of the players so i stopped going for a few weeks. well, turned out that there were only a few residents left. and apparently people missed me. who knew? one pretty taciturn woman said, teddy is fun. and when i reminded people that i very rarely leave my apartment, never mind the building. and she said, teddy hibernates. which i thought was so sweet and cute.

i am not popular here so it was really heart mending to hear that i actually mattered to some people. susan said, i thought you were dead!! i told her that she should have knocked on my door because if i was dead, i would want someone to care for my animals.

so every week i remind her that i Am Not Dead. you get the idea. it's a pretty fun time.

oh wow, that square pattern is Plaid! yeah. i know that others know this thing. i'm on the computer and i have a thought and i forget what is it so i'm reaching for whatever it was as it disappears in to the ether.

okay, i don't want to push my luck. so i'm out for now. so much more about bingo and jeapardy. bridget is our person and she is brilliant. she has created this. fuck fuck fuck. poster board? with little pockets for the various categories. she's getting her mba she's also black and gorgeous. and she's doing the tinder thing and always has great stories about her suitors.

hmm, again, much more to come. about my dead husband and subsidized senior heaven and more.

love love love and gratitude,

teddy and my sweet sweet sweet senior service dog cocoa chanel and my gigantic transgender kitty, bobby seale the tiny black panther.

can you create a signature on here?

i'm not previewing this so please forgive all the typos and such.


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Comment by alsoknownas on November 30, 2018 at 5:21pm

"my comedy buddy died which was very annoying."

That's funny right there.

Comment by Theodora L'Engle Knight on November 30, 2018 at 5:36pm

thanks, aka. was any of the rest of it funny. i had this hunch that if i came over here, i would be able to do some Real Writing. i'm so grateful to Godiverse for this! so relieved that it's not all gone. it's nothing great of course but it's something beyond my daily gratitude journal!!

i will read everyone's posts. i'm just so triggered and traumatized by what is going on above me. again. and i have to take some of the seroquel -- the stuff that gave me the horrible dizzy thing and basicallyb poisoned me. -- because i cannot sleep and my meds doc does not seem to get this. so i take a little bit of it to sleep and i get a little bit of the symptoms which include my hands getting sort of numb and unwieldy. other shit too. but shit, not sleeping? not good for mentally people. seriously not good.

so i will read people's stuff when i can get somewhat of a bead on the c--- upstairs and the sleeping thang.


Comment by Ron Powell on November 30, 2018 at 6:00pm

Comment by Theodora L'Engle Knight on November 30, 2018 at 6:05pm

very timely, ron. it's all about the money, as always.

Comment by koshersalaami on November 30, 2018 at 6:10pm

I don’t think I knew people called you Teddy, but it figures

I liked reminding people that you are not dead. And the annoying line. 

Comment by Theodora L'Engle Knight on November 30, 2018 at 9:51pm

wow, okay. didn't realize the annoy thing was so great. i say that all the time after serious things that happen.

Comment by Tom Cordle on December 2, 2018 at 9:50am

You have a writing style similar to James Joyce, though yours strikes me as more "stream of unconsciousness" :-). That crack exposes me as a wannabe comedian, but alas, I fear I am just a curmudgeon. As for this:

"my comedy buddy died which was very annoying."

I trust you were speaking figuratively ... I mean comedians, like musicians and actors, die in front of an audience all the time. I have much personal experience in that regard ........


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