Smithsonian Publishes Controversial Article on Jellyfish

Smithsonian Publishes Controversial Article on Jellyfish:  An article in Smithsonian Magazine claims that jellyfish are essentially a boneless, bloodless and brainless species whose mouth also doubles as their anus.  Now I have no idea what the Smithsonian has against jellyfish, but this is the kind of hurtful name-calling is not exactly what one would expect from a respected scientific journal and it needs to stop now.

Thousands Attend 2018 March For Science:  Thousands of protesters in 250 rallies around the world marched to advocate for science policies to be involved in policymaker’s everyday conversations.  Well, guess we don’t have to ask what the Kardashians did over the weekend.  Sadly, many others said they would have attended, but they didn’t feel there was strong enough evidence there was even gonna be a march.

Rental Car Agent Finds Body in Back Seat of Returned Car:  Los Angeles police say a car rental agency employee got a big surprise in a Jefferson Park alley when he went to retrieve a car and found a woman’s dead body in the back seat.  Angry car rental employees point out that the contract plainly specifies that any dead bodies are to be dropped off up on Mulholland Drive, not left in the back seat of our cars.

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