Are you confused by the snow and the polar votex in your town? Do you feel that men in the GOP, along with some women, are actually aliens? Are you wondering if all that chemically tainted Mickey D's Happy Meals you fed your kid and yourself are having an effect on your brain?

Worry no more. I can help you find the answers.


Turn to page 11 of your work books. Ready? Begin.

1. I will not vote Republican. True or False.

2. I will not eat fast food. True or False.

3. I will not deny climate change. True or False.

4. I will not support the corporate take over of America by purchasing, consuming and otherwise condoning the massive corruption they are perpetrating on our nation. True or False.

5.  I will not allow any religion, made up, fake or otherwise, to dictate my medical care. True or False.

6. I will not ignore those who ignore the law and watch them on reality TV. True or False.

7. I will not listen or watch programs which are designed to dumb me down. True or False.

8. I will not support in any way those who do not believe in science. True or False.

9. I will not revise or invent history to suit any political agenda. True or False. 

 10. I will not watch made up news, news designed to entertain or news that is slanted to support a specific political agenda or cause. True or False.

You are good if you circle all the Trues. If you don't continue on for your instructions.


 If you answered False to any of the questions, please note that you will be happy to participate in the next made up war, corporate prison social and religious snake kissing contest. If you survive that and still continue to answer  False, be my guest and bring your gun to school. Any school, does not have to be one you are attending.

 Enjoy the chaos suckers. Democracy is participatory. You have to turn off the TV, mingle with your neighbors and get shit kicking mad to make the changes needed now. There is no "nice" way to say it.  What is happening today is happening because they are keeping you busy with all the little bs so they can do the big bs. You, that's you, the one with not enough money to play with the big boys. People need to overthrow the shit pilers and become the shit kickers. That is you. You need to kick these people out, the ones who you are paying to act on your behalf but are not doing so. Oh and Chris Christie is not your Christ either.

There are a number of ways to participant in the coming apocalypse. Just keep doing what you are doing, just ignore the big picture and continue to believe the propaganda. The first step in you new assignment is to know that something is not right. The second step is to join with others to acknowledge what is not right, and work to make others aware. The third step is to identify and engage solutions for the current and continually developing situations we are all in.

See, easy peasy, one, two, three. Done by dinner.

Just realize that you are the dinner if you don't git er done.


Copyright 2014 by SheilaTGTG55 

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Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on February 6, 2014 at 1:42pm

This is a great piece; my listeners loved it!  Thanks for allowing me to share it. :)

Comment by Sheila Luecht on February 6, 2014 at 1:46pm

Thanks for using it Jon! 


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