She is The Medusa

At first she will captivate you with her shy and innocent smile
But that will suddenly change in a very short while
You will wonder why you are now in exile
We will hear your cries from out on the isle,

Her exotic figure her silken smooth skin
The Medusa will readily pull you in
Makes no difference where you've been
At the pinnacle of passion and sin,

She will paralyze you with her seductive gaze
Supple and slender enough to amaze
But your emotions will soon be thrown into a blaze
Of her glory this evil goddess you will praise,

You, the modern day Queen's drone
Destined to fall in love and die alone
Forever preserved by the memory of her moans
You will serve at the foot of her throne,

Soon you will awaken from your trance
Realizing you've been part of this carnal dance
You'll realize that you never had a chance
You were pierced by her hypnotic glance,

You were just another momentary victory
From love making to purgatory
You'll go down clingting to her in a blaze of glory
You're history she has already etched your story!

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