There are times when one couldn't say it better (scroll to 3:11 PM - 14 Mar 2018):

17 people die in a high school and a month later there's a nationwide protest to get the attention of lawmakers. One dog dies on an airplane and there's a bill in the Senate rectifying it within 48 hours.

As pointed out here many times, this is of a piece with HRC's "deplorables" and 'the states I won are 65% of GDP', IOW, the left behind knuckleheads are in that situation just because they insist on electing fascist governments. The coastal states mostly do otherwise. You elect government that treats you like chattel, you'll be left behind. And it's your fault.

HRC has been excoriated for telling the truth, even by pundit Democrats. The truth hurts some times.

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Comment by Foolish Monkey on March 16, 2018 at 7:30am

I think what's happening is congress isn't following the "deplorables" so much as creating them.   I'm not suggesting there aren't horrible, crazy sociopaths, but that has ALWAYS been the case.  there's been a systematic attack on how we perceive our government on every level. so there's less faith in the honesty of government and their agencies and their representatives.  so people don't think it's all that important to vote - which delights special interests.

ultimately we elect "leaders" we hope are our better, stronger selves.  but these "leaders" have the NRA not only financing their campaigns, but unless they tow the 2nd amendment line, or whatever interest is in focus: environmental, finance, health, housing, etc, the moneypeople are always more than willing to run a candidate against anyone opposing their interest in a primary.  

the bigger picture is the money - always the money, corporate money.  and the fact now that corporations are people.  

Comment by Robert Young on March 16, 2018 at 8:46am

well.  not that I disagree, but only that the situation appears to me much simpler.  primitive, even.  the radical right have a mind-image of 19th century USoA as the Garden of Eden, and they want those times back.  a man, a woman, a plow, 40 acres, and you live until you die.  that explains everything.  to me, anyway.

Comment by Foolish Monkey on March 16, 2018 at 10:46am

I don't disagree with the collective fantasy of going back to a "simpler time" - a backbreaking, depressing time of not much of anything, children dying, women expected to produce more of them otherwise who is going to work those 40 acres, etc etc.  

I think though, there's a good amount of finger pointing at a group of people who are simply scared shitless about their futures.  at least when you had 40 acres, you had 40 acres.  you work, you eat.  (not always but that's the fantasy)

we haven't provided training for new jobs.  the government no longer gives much of a fuck about them in spite of all the "welfare" talk.  maybe the govt never did, I don't know.  it's easy to NOT think about someone when they have 40 acres and they're hustling their asses to put food on the table.  and working the land means not much time to make your presence felt.

my point being, there's definitely a hole in our consciousness...we don't want to even consider how we ended up in this fucking trumpian mess.  it's easy to point at them but we HAVE to think about and come to terms with WHY it happened.  until we do, there will always be another trump.  keep in mind we have the silver zombie in the wings - ready to take his place on the historical stage.  he'll be a better president in terms of stability - but his policies are far far more right wing and extreme.  I don't even know who's worse.

good grief.

Comment by Robert Young on March 16, 2018 at 12:36pm

"we don't want to even consider how we ended up in this fucking trumpian mess. "

but, but, but we do know.  78,900 voters in three states (PA, MI, WI) put the carrot top czar on his throne.  78,900 deplorables.  that's the basic fact.  and, again, the Right has controlled at least 3/4 of Federal government for nearly the entirety of time since Reagan, while the deplorables' state governments abuse them still more.  things won't change until those folks figure out (if they've any brain left after all that opioid overload) they've been playing Russian Roulette (a great read, by the way) with their vote.  one can only hope.

and, yes, Pence need be Spiroed.


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