Perhaps I'm a step too rickety to cast myself as Bro Love & the Loaves, where ever I peg my hats been home. How many how very many FEB thirds? Eighteen years and counting already older than the War on Poverty. A waned sense of has-beanism, yet a master's quest often near light prism(s).  A random mirror tile --- overhead squiggly bulb just so --- wall's image: trapezoidal.  4 corners due east.  Ancient obelisk, pink contrails form that jet triad.  Blue fijord my inland sea.  A sense of knowledge, sewn good and well.

No Hercules me.  More of a Hurkoian etymologist.

Bidden my time; toward the tower, no urge to holler (OK) southeast sun 10:10, raise the collar, bidden my time: another cup of wine.  Too fond of garlic to 'go back' to car sellin'.  All hail linguistics! As silver as a tree digger's blade!

But let's take and keep it simplistic! Knot buckskin' ballistic gosh damsel it (hazardest slope I called for that! Honest penguin!) 

Hey puppets, dolls and clowns! (Although who doesn't love the knead of dough?!)  (late winter Roosevelt-Rustbelt top-of-my-lungs-Mona-Lillian-grin-right now) (OK---how far off?  Here-now-yesterday moon phase?!) talk about love and romance??

Of all the thoughts of sung & dread, moonlit chapels, golden dome, cathedrals: those overhead: kaleidoscopic, written, stroked, scripted, bitten, choreographed (God bless 'ya spellcheck as 'ye are not on my Mustang tachometer at the moment) stoked, trekked, tricked, cliques, hempen, hectored, wrecked, reeked & leaked. 

Obviously apparently forwardly observantly I could flee WRONG ?paw-prince? atlas not knowing if there's gas in the diesel nor if the Captain is available this Lent to let, & how Ds ER & EST suffixes might (whatdowereallyknowaboutchronicwastingdisease??!!) (slap back 'O the neck could light everything --- all of it--- kaboom in a melting flash [sic] PTSD Hell Line: ... .. ... blinkered

WHAT NOW ???????

Oh the sound of tribal round:


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Comment by J.P. Hart on March 21, 2018 at 10:45am

Of course I see the possibility for enjambment. Do you think any of this is as easy as finding my last pair of Polos without frayed cuffs?


Comment by Steel Breeze on March 22, 2018 at 10:28am


Comment by J.P. Hart on March 22, 2018 at 11:36am

Steel Breeze,
thank you! Maybe R&L is rated & liked rents R low. Cold on the hands, here---cooler by the lake and cold as hell in the water. I was searching for Lorianne's jellyfish image (circa last month) (as I'd read something re: inexplicable bio-anarchy with the jellyfish schools...serious hard science apropos reef depletion, flotsam-jetsom eTc. But may have a new adventure with an hour and a half doc. exclusively interviewing hypo-maniacs. Factor has express interest but he's worser ADHD than me. Rain and snow forecast. We just gotta get over this Robin Williams' departure grief. Maybe I'll binge 'Crazy Ones' and pretend I'm sipping Irish coffee in the dining car...O if 'ya gotta'em light 'em outofdoors(;!

Comment by Anna Herrington on March 22, 2018 at 1:47pm

Your first sentence had me humming "Papa was a rolling stone, well, well, well (or whatever it is they're saying there).. wherever he laid his hat was his home, and when. he. died. all-l-l he left me was alo-o-o-ne....."

I sang that through half my childhood, I think.

No bread kneading going on here but I have been on a homemade pot pie kick lately... no weed, just food. Veggie pot pies. Then spinach quiches, then back to pot pies.... I love making pie crust dinners. No kneading needed. Cold weather stuff only. Salad on the side.

Enjoyed reading, trying to figure out what you're saying, here ; )  Have a good one, Mr. Hart ~

Comment by J.P. Hart on March 23, 2018 at 11:00am

Dearest Anna,

Yours of St. Patrick (particularly) the lore of who's it? Grand Momma? The abandoned orphaned baby in Brooklyn a century ago.
God's thoughts are always heard!

What'd we now have more guns than people?

BuzzFeed's alert of: {sic}{the cold blooded high school hallway murder of Jaelynn's her precious poem:

'Fly back, breast and free, will you swim to prom with me?"

I don't have NRA's La Pierre on speed dial but I'd sure as hell do some yelling right now if I did. Maybe I'll loudly spin MacArthur's Park and breathe from my navel zone.
Oh yeah the poem Shall Be. Apparently I'd tried selfish remedy of incredible REM wherein a recluse spider and its dingy web captured & smothered my favorite marionette which suspends so happily from a cup hook and shadows the cellar wall. & the (IMHO) charismatic effusion of Shall Be (2nd Draft above)(org written with red ink and in a short while after I'd taken a break pitch-forking dead leaves from the daffodils the red ink blotched a near perfect circle on the linen. & I at the get go had written Shall Be as a column: one word atop another --- thinking of an 'off the grid' Vietnam Purple Heart Veteran with whom decades ago I'd swap Jack & Cokes with until the lights. Statuesque dude always wearing his green 'tanker' jacket encumbered I surmise with 24/7/365 sciatica pain who'd twin for a youthful black-haired Ernest Hemingway. Brilliant writer! I'd recollected our mutual observation that oft' paperback novels read-well top to bottom 'left column only' especially on the left pages. Hence, I'll work Shall Be at least a 3rd time and not be overtly concerned with the 'cyberspace' format.
O Anna precious lady you!

Comment by Ben Sen on April 3, 2018 at 6:51am

Your work is so witty it renders me speechless.  I wish you'd tell us more about yourself and your journey here.

Comment by J.P. Hart on April 3, 2018 at 12:12pm

Mr Sen,
Thanks for the cyberfist bump mine brother! May peace be with you!
I was over on Johnny Robishes' with intent to edit recent comment/poem/fictionista blurb wherein I'd 'said' revenge vs. munitions; gotta alter that to rage vs. munitions,one never knows who reads what when and where and how(l) on the WW^Web. I do seem to comprehend that there's enlightenment and anti-enlightenment. And more 'bout me: I am just a poet (Clapton). Favorite portrait: Old Guitarist (Picasso) (albeit those Gauguin ladies: oh la la!). Okay. Here's a riddle for the fiddle: I am looking at a Saturday Evening Post, caricature of LBJ, over captions on the purple swirling cover: Underground Traffic in Cancer 'Cures', New Hit Play by Arthur Miller, Secrets of Becoming a Fashion Model...lower right headline: How Goes the Campaign to Dump LBJ?
Can you guess the date of the Saturday Evening Post? Oh it only cost .35 cents :}!


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