Self, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

JULY 4, 2010 9:46PM

Self, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

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I sat down to write a little more about the art of Hare Jitsu and the balance of SELF and Other. But I am reminded tis the 4th of July, and that there is no better time to write about the unique balance of SELF and Government presented to us by our founding fathers.


You can debate as much as you like whether our Founding Father s were “Christians” or “Atheists”, “Masons” or “Deists”. You cannot deny that they were worshipers at the altar of SELF.


 I don’t mean “Selfishness”


By “SELF”, I mean that spark of being that burns within each and every human being and makes of him or her

a “Quantum of Being”,

a “Quantum of Free Will”.  


In my last post, I stated the position that a Human State of Being is by definition totally “Subjective”. It of necessity is no more nor less than the totality of perceptions encompassed by any Human. Being (See Hume)

We each and every one exist alone and lonely in our own individual and unique subjective Point Of View.

That state of being I have dubbed “Real I ty” The Subjective world of “I”

“Real I ty” as each of us uniquely experiences our own, is the basis of all thought, all creation, all BEING. IT CANNOT BE OTHERWISE.

It is the very center of existence, it is the I AM at the core of all our Real I tys


But SELF is more than just the Human State of Being.

Self is also the “Store” of “Movement” that creates a reference, a base for the continuation of Being. Not just “I AM”, but “I AM, (so) THAT I AM”. The SELF is that repository of experience, of Persistence Of Vision (POV) that creates the seeming Point OF View (POV)


So What is “SELF”?


Two Basic Parts.


Self contains the purely experiential fact of Being, the I AM at the core of your existence, unbound, unlimited. De Fenceless


The fundamental part  is the “I AM” that swallows ALL experience, ALL perceptions, and thereby swallows “The World”. And spits back into this maelstrom the decisions of its “Will”


The other part of each SELF, that is not pure “Being”, is ones “Token”, ones place holder  in the Land of  “Objectivity”, (that Land I have chosen to dub “Realty”- Reality without a POV, without an “I”)


This Realm of Objectivity is our common ground of exchanged “Symbol’s and “Properties.”


“Realty” is the accretion of all thoughts, all experiences, all emotions, changed, transformed, distilled, reduced, from the pure golden experiential feeling of each and every Human Beings “Real I ty”, into the baser but more negotiable common SYMBOLS(logos) with which we trade with other SELFS.


We manipulate the world of Realty (Objective Reality) by the manipulation of these Symbols in accordance with our perception of the “Laws” of Realty. ( Is there REALLY such a “Law” as Causality? In a universe that admits of “Time Travel”( or rather the necessary “non-reality of “Time”)- think carefully.


What does this mean in terms of the 4th of July?


Our Founding Fathers recognized that each human being is ultimately reducible to the two parts of his SELF.


The Token part that is what he is perceived to be in the world of Realty, the “World of the Flesh” and is not the Real “Quantum of Being”, the “Quantum of Free Will”


And the REAL seat of being and source of all will and creation, the subjective being that stripped of all else is simply the unsupported putting forth of its own existence, that may be characterized by the symbolic and bald assertion “I AM “ (YH) (Quantum of Being)


And the creation of “Time”, of “Continuity” , of a POV (point of view) a continuing and individual “quantum of being” requires the creation of the “Token” baggage of symbols in the world of Realty to contain “Identity” while the “Quantum of Free Will” creates its new state of being. From millisecond to Millisecond. From Millennium to Millennium This is  “THAT I AM” (WH) (Quantum of WILL)


The Tetragrammaton. YHWH , The “I AM, THAT I AM”

That is what the Founding fathers understood.

That is the Ideal upon which they founded this Nation


It’s been said, “All politics is local”


What the Founding Fathers understood, and designed their nation to recognize is that:

All Existence is Individual,

All Rights are Individual

All Will is Individual.

All pursuit of happiness, is Individual. (Chacon a son gout)


To speak of “Social Justice”, or collective “Right” or other such “Collectivist” concepts is to speak of non-sense constructs of symbols, with no more meaning than “Hateful Love” or “ The Freedom of Slavery”


Such concepts reference the baggage of the Token self of REALTY- The Token self that is “Black” or “White” or “Male” or “Female”, “Rich” or “Poor”, “Good” or “Evil”


The true SELF of our individual BEING , of Real I ty, has no such baggage, is not bound by such qualifiers. It is not bound to the apple of knowledge of “Good and Evil”/ digital/logical, symbol manipulation.

It experiences.



“Justice” and “Rights” and “Freedom” refer to conditions and feelings of the unbounded, unqualified, INDIVIDUAL, “I AM”, 

Which encompasses ALL things.


So how do we make a “Nation?”



Fortifying Together

I believe in my SELF,

I believe in your SELFS

I believe in our SELFS


WE  believe in US

E pluribus, Unum


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Excellent and brilliantly spoken. I loved it. And I am speechless on what to say..
self is good
i can agree with that
gummint uh ok
sorry for my lame comment, i am dealing with stuff - thought i had time to concentrate - but no. and i have to concentrate when i read your stuff and make a decent response.

no need whatever to apologize- I'm never entirely certain I understand what I write- I appreciate someone who tells me I'm not being clear, or am becoming too esoteric. I aim for a certain obscurity to make people's mind's work- but its a thin line between Brilliance and Unreadable BS- (Witness "Gravity's Rainbow"-a book I carried around for about 30 years and was never sure which it was) (flood in 08 got my copy- need to find another)

as I commented at your post- I write "exhaustive madneess" you write LIFE- no question in my mind which is more important

I read your and dianaani's posts to keep mine from floating off into space.

Glad to see you back, I knew you hadn’t flounced.
As always, your understanding of my references amazes and intrigues me.

Trying to understand the Founding Fathers without understanding their mystic delving into the “I AM THAT I AM” SELF, symbolized by the tetragrammaton, YHWH, Jahweh, Jehovah, is rather like trying to understand Hippies and the sixties without reference to psychedelic drugs. What fools these constitutional scholars be.
Once again, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for getting it.
this is patriotism on speed i love it r.
I believe in my self. I believe in your selfs...

Self evident.

So thought provoking...Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by- and for getting it.
“Patriotism on Speed “ would make a great bumper sticker-
I just saw a thing on History Channel, “Secrets of the Founding Fathers”, that seems to make it just a matter of common sense that with Hemp Clothes, Paper, and Cordage, the Founding Fathers were undoubtedly familiar with its other uses, and there really was no social prohibitions to its use- ( as was also pointed out, since drinking water was deadly, and fire was not easy or cheap for brewing tea (or coffee), beer was the “electrolyte” of the day)- One has to get to a certain state of mind to imagine/realize the things that go into one’s Heroes life’s philosophy. (Freemasonry? Kabala? Enlightenment? Tipsy? Stoned?)
Thanks again for stopping by.


Thank you also for stopping by and getting it. I love your little vignettes and the humor you always manage to run through them . SELFish takes on a whole new level when the SELF is looked at as Subject, not Object. Thank you for your kind words.

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