Secretary of State's charity run by family member, political contacts donated to it

Old news, right?

Of course. It's such a breach of ethics that all these people who dealt with the Secretary donated to America's Promise.

Say what? Don't I mean the Clinton Foundation?

Clinton Foundation? Damn. You mean there's another Secretary of State who founded a charity contributed to by people dealing with the Secretary?

Yup. The Clinton Foundation is the second one I know of. The first is America's Promise, founded by Colin Powell and run by his wife, Alma, while he was in office. One of its big donors was Ken Lay. You remember him, right? He headed Enron. 

Lay also donated to a literacy charity, but this one wasn't founded by the Secretary of State. No, this one was founded by the President's mother.

Ever hear about these?

Of course not. Why would you? Who would bother investigating such a thing?.

You have to be a Clinton to rate such an investigation.

She has a lot of nerve expecting to be treated like her predecessor.


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Comment by nerd cred on September 3, 2016 at 8:42am

re Terry's comment and generalists - back in the late sixties I sought my father's advice about pursuing a newspaper reporting career and majoring in what was then called journalism. (Now it's "communications" which must mean something.) He was the either photo editor or assistant p.e. at the time but well enough versed in the whole area that he was the fill-in for any other editor taking time off.

He advised me to major in something real, that he wouldn't hire a j major if he could hire someone with a background in a subject area - history, political science, humanities (remember when that was a thing?) etc.

Along come Woodward and Bernstein and All the President's Men and the field began to attract people who wanted to be TV stars and they majored in journalism. All generalists. That's not the only change, of course but I think it was a beginning on the road to hell.

Slightly off point - my niece was touring colleges in 2013 or so. Her father is a minor big deal in sports broadcasting. That's what she wants to go into. The Dean of the communications school at the third or so tier university that was recruiting her as an athlete gave her a tour of the school when she visited. He told her that knowing people in the field would be an important factor in career success and asked her if she knew anyone. No, she said, she didn't think so. She's a modest girl. Eventually he reminded her about her father and she allowed, oh, yeah, him. (He does know most everyone and is respected.) The point being, despite that it's sports broadcasting not whatever might once have been regarded as real journalism, (allowing for some of the best writers and social thinkers have been sportswriters) this guy was the dean of the whole school and it was so blatant. Influence.

Comment by koshersalaami on September 3, 2016 at 8:56am
It's shots in the dark. This is a standard placed on the opposition.

What's interesting about this election is that, at least among Republican officials, we've finally seen limits, stuff a candidate can do that can make people say Enough! No. I'll vote for your opponent before I'll put up with this; it's too much, even for me.

The flip side is the extent to which this is not true among the populace. A guy can make up stuff about the criminality of our Mexican population and about 9/11 celebrations by our Muslim population, he can cheat small businessmen he contracts with, he can import labor illegally, he can produce goods overseas instead of here, he can seriously disrespect American combat veterans, he can alienate allies for no good reason, he can say bigoted things about minorities all over the place, he can suggest that someone assassinate his opponent, he can suggest that our greatest military rival hack US Government accounts for his benefit, he can make up such outrageous lies about his opponents that the media call him on it (another limit I'm glad to see reached), and he can even suggest that we ought to look at actually using nuclear weapons, and they'll still support him. When he said he could shoot someone and still be supported by his voters we thought he was exaggerating.
Comment by koshersalaami on September 3, 2016 at 8:58am
Oh, and in talking about the 9/11 celebrations, I neglected to mention what might be the biggest sin of all: he advocates not allowing members of one religion into the country.


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