I admit it, as a Third Wave Feminist, I DO. NOT. LIKE. most 2nd-Wavers!

Before I go on, let me define the different waves of feminism, as I see them:

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Fist Wave Feminists:  These were the suffragettes.  I hold them in great esteem because they rebelled against the perceived male idea that women were simply property;  because they fought for and won a woman's right to vote that allowed virtually every other step towards equality to occur; because they fought against marital rape; gained women the right to own & inherit property, etc. etc. etc.  Women like  Sojourner Truth, Mary Wollstonecraft and  Susan Anthony seriously rocked and deserve any honor that can we can give them.

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Second Wave Feminists:  These are the militant "A Woman Without A Man is Like a Fish Without A Bicycle" feminists who believe street theater (like public bra burning) had more substance than actual progress.  MANY of them fought for and won women many important rights, don't get me wrong, but just as the 1st Wavers had their Margaret Sangers (may her hateful ass rot in hell), 2nd Wavers have their Gloria "Where are the boys?" Steinem, Madeleine "There’s a special place in hell..." Albright and Germaine "Women are walking vaginas..." Greer (...and when their time comes may they rot in hell, as well).  

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Third Wave Feminists:  These are feminists who "mostly" have learned from the successes and mistakes of the first two waves.  We fight more much more for equality than 2nd wavers, are much more inclusive to diverse minorities (such as the womanists and gonzo feminists) than 1st wavers and work to dispel racial, gender and sexual orientational stereotypes then either of them did.

Here's the problem:  Second Wave Feminists made only marginal progress, yet brag about the successes that 1st Wavers caused to happen and have now become EXACTLY what they SAID they were fighting against.  

MANY of them have "become the men they said they didn't want to marry" in thinking and word.

Germaine Greer (Getty)

Why the rant?

Simple...  Germaine Greer, one of the 2nd Wavers "self-proclaimed queens", pissed me off with her hate speech (reoccurring hate speech, actually).

Earlier this week she spoke out against Cambridge University accepting transgender students.  Now remember...  this is the hateful bitch who said, “Just because you lop off your dick and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a fucking woman”.

As reprehensible as she is, she is simply a "symptom" of what the most notable 2nd Wave Feminists have become.  Sadly they have become transphobic.  They have also become quite homophobic and, amazingly, misogynistic!

How the HELL can people consider women like Albright, Steinem and Greer "feminists" when they are insulting other women who are trans or lesbian, excluding & insulting the millions of Millennial women and brutally attack the gender of any women who DARES call them on their hatred spewing?

SOOOOO...  it is way past time for you 2nd Wavers to Shut The Fuck Up with your hate filled trans exclusionary radical feminism, your condescending "I am the QUEEN! Kneel Down Before Me!!!" insults and their "accept MY definition of YOU, or ELSE!" attacks on women who do not agree with them.


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Comment by koshersalaami on October 5, 2017 at 10:30am

We lived through the second wave. Regardless of what you think of the aging leadership and even regardless of how much credit you give the leadership for the changes, the differences in gender roles between 1965 and 1980 are immense. I don't think if you haven't witnessed it you can imagine how much condescension toward women there was in general in 1965, and I say that as a male who didn't have to actually experience it. Gender roles, and I mean that societally as opposed to sexually, were not very fluid. Employed women were mostly teachers, nurses, secretaries and, for the glamorous, stewardesses. There were two kinds of nurses: nurses and male nurses, not many of the latter. A couple being written as "Mr. and Dr." was a sort of joke, and yet that describes my household now. Unequal pay for equal work - assuming women could get equal work - was the norm because men had to support families. Women working and men staying home was out and out weird. Famous female athletes mostly meant tennis players and Olympians. Female doctors were rare as were female lawyers and business executives. There were barely any women in Congress and none on the Supreme Court. 

Comment by moki ikom on October 5, 2017 at 10:31pm

If I've ever known, i'm sure i didn't know what a 'feminist' was in the early to mid-sixties, not sure anyone used the term back then, but we sure had one for a mother.  I don't know if she was the first female real estate broker in central florida, but i'm pretty sure she was the first one to name her company after herself in huge letters across the top of the building above her office door.  At least once, maybe a couple times, we four brothers would sit in back seat and little sister would sit in front seat between mom and mary, our colored maid to go the avon park drive-in to watch movies and missile launches from cape canaveral.  The last time we ever went to the drive-in the guy at the ticket booth said my mom couldn't go in with mary.  There wasn't open carry in florida back then, but my mom made up for that with that ticket guy.  sometimes she would embarrass me with her outbursts of moral indignation, but that time at the drive-in we were all incensed, except maybe mary, she was probably too scared to be.  we lived across from the school playground in a house my father had built shortly before he was imprisoned only to escape after numerous electroshock therapy sessions  at florida's then (maybe now too for all i know) veteran 'center' in arcadia.  I remember when mom told me she had listing for citrus lands outside orlando and she mentioned disneyland (then, to us it was tv stuff mostly) and share of commission numbers. Making a short story briefer, she got 'back-stabbed' and probably in real-estate sales-speak 'black-balled' as well. the bank started foreclosure on our house so instead of that my mom found a buyer, a doctor at that; but, either directly or indirectly mom was told she could expect cross burnings in our yard, she was literally on the wrong side of the tracks to think about selling to a colored family.  so much for feminism, racism, florida 1964.  we, at least us five kids and our dog Beauty, were about discover the liberty and freedom of being homeless in america.  Mom already knew what being homeless was for herself alone; not yet, for her and five kids.

Comment by koshersalaami on October 6, 2017 at 5:45am


That's a series of posts which I suggest you write. 

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on October 6, 2017 at 6:32am

Thank you for mansplaining what gender discrimination and 2nd Wave Feminism really is, KB.  

Your vast experience is clearly superior to what I was taught in the several gender and women's studies courses I took in college or have actually experienced.

Thank you ever so much!


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