My mailbox was smashed to bits when I got home Wednesday night, along with my neighbor's being dented. Given that I live 25 minutes from the closest hardware store that was still open when I got home that day, I opened the USPS web page and put a hold on my mail. The shortest amount of time you're allowed is three mail delivery days so throw in Christmas and I won't be getting any more mail until December 26. I think I've received all of the cards I'll be receiving so that's okay and I don't send cards, I really don't like all of the hullabaloo around holidays, but I could drop them at the post office if I was. So for all practical purposes, I don't need my mailbox right now.

Mail isn't just practical for me, though, even though most of what I get it bills and junk mail. Ever since we moved to a house in the country where the mailbox was at the end of the drive, I have loved the mystery of getting the mail. Anything is possible in a mailbox, it's a magic place of hopes and dreams. I used to feel the same way about ringing telephones but I lost that joy when I was required to answer them for work. I sort the mail delivery at work now, twice a day and packages, and sometimes it gets tedious especially when there is company propaganda to sort for 500 people, and sometimes I get very tired of bills and junk mail in my own mailbox and even forget to check it on Saturdays, but this unwanted interruption is showing me a dependence that I didn't know was there. I miss getting my mail. Truth be told, I feel that way when my phone isn't working, too.

Last night, and Wednesday in the direct aftermath, I felt humiliated, like someone was showing me how incompetent I was by smashing my mailbox, something that I couldn't fix right away like my neighbor did his metal mailbox. He is still getting his mail and I had a sign on the post where my mailbox used to be telling the mailman, who incidentally is the one who smashed them, that my mail was on hold. It was obvious that I was incompetent because my mailbox was missing. Tonight, though, I just miss my mail. I bought a lovely bronze coated steel mailbox last night and some gold mylar numbers to put on the front of it and put it on the post today so my faith in my ability to recover is restored. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be past missing my mail and into enjoying my annual holiday break. I have projects to do this year, a haircut to get, and lunch with my niece and dad next Wednesday. I'll have Christmas dinner with Dad, he's ordered some meals from Payless. 

I did encounter a bit of good luck today, I bought the first item for my service dog; I found a bed for my office at work. It is a memory foam, which will be good for the hard tile on concrete floors, 4' wide with arms and a back like a sofa so when I slide it under the table by the radiator it will be a cozy nook for the pupper. Don't worry about the radiator being too hot, I keep my thermostat close to 60 at work and the window cracked; the building set point is 72 degrees and that's just too hot for me, I don't need a radiator blasting away at me, too. I have a recliner in my office for a guest chair, so there will be choices for the dog. Right now I have the bed on the bottom shelf of my baker's rack where it can pick up some cat smell. I don't think the cats trust it yet.

Well, I feel better after telling you all of this, thanks for letting me share.

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Comment by koshersalaami on December 22, 2017 at 6:36pm

I hope you and your fathe4 have a good Christmas. How did your mailman smash your mailbox!

Comment by Phyllis on December 22, 2017 at 6:38pm

He caught it with the side view mirror on his car, one of those you couldn't do it if you tried to things. He came by to apologize and offered to replace it. I thanked him for letting me know and said I would be okay with buying one on my own.

Comment by Anna Herrington on December 23, 2017 at 9:53am

The mail just isn't the same anymore, I fully agree.

My cards haven't gone out yet this year, there might be other late do-ers out there, too  : )

And the future beloved dog has a bed, nice!  I, too, like it cold in a room. My son up from SF yesterday complained all day about the cold house - and that I just turn the heat off at night. Only gets down to 55 or so.... nice and cozy under covers, especially if a cat or two is snuggled nearby.

I loathe hot rooms, always have, even as a child. I used to ponder genetics with this, as it doesn't seem to matter the environment one grows up in, really, some people like it hot and some don't. period.

Did the mailman get into the eggnog at lunch????

Merry Christmas to you, Phyllis !!!!

Comment by Phyllis on December 24, 2017 at 8:00am

I didn't used to like cold, this is a post menopause change. Maybe it's the weight gain? I used to be the person with footy pajamas and electric blankets. Now I wear a t-shirt and have a fan on. I still pile the covers on, though, because if I get cold while sleeping it hurts. Kinda weird, but there it is.


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