Scaramucci Asks People to Keep His Family in Their Prayers

Scaramucci Asks People to Keep His Family in Their Prayers:  In response to news stories about his wife filing for divorce shortly after he took the job as president Trump’s Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci is asking everyone to keep his family in their thoughts and prayers.  Oh, he and the rest of the Trump Administration are most definitely in our prayers, but I’m not quite sure he’d be all that happy about what we’ve been praying for.

Tech Company Workers Agree to Have Microchips Implanted in Hands:  Workers at a company in Wisconsin will soon be getting microchips surgically implanted in their hands, which will allow them to enter the office, log into computers or even buy a snack or two - all by just a swipe of the hand.  Wow, I’m sure George Orwell would be proud.  Of course the only downside is - should you get laid-off, they’ll need to cut off your hand to get their chip back.

Muslim Man Sues Little Caesars for $100M over Pork on Pizza:  A Muslim man in Michigan is suing Little Caesars for $100 million, claiming he was served pepperoni made with pork, which is a food prohibited by Islamic law.  Meanwhile, a Little Caesars spokesperson says we don’t believe he has a legitimate beef with our pepperoni.

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