Salesforce Buys Co-CEO Block a $212K Car and an $87K Watch

Salesforce Buys Co-CEO Block a $212K Car and an $87K Watch:  Its being reported that San Francisco-based Salesforce has just gifted their co-CEO Keith Block a $211,703 car and an $86,423 watch "in recognition of Mr. Block's leadership achievements.”

My word, those must have been some really incredible achievements!  Of course, now all the skeptics are gonna climb out of the woodwork and claim that actions like this only further prove how “the system is rigged.”  I’m looking at you Bernie and AOC fans!  

Come on, just because the board of directors wants to reward one of their bosses with a few nice gifts, doesn’t make it wrong - does it?  And so what if those gifts happen to be so insanely expensive they would even make an Ayn Rand blush?  Lighten up, it’s only money - corporate money!     

That said, I do happen to have a few lingering questions though.  Like, why did they get him a $212K car?  I mean, the guy lives and works in downtown San Francisco.  Have you ever been to San Francisco?  It’s a city on the tip of a tiny little peninsula.  Why the whole place is only about 250 feet across at its widest point.  Where in the hell is he gonna drive anyway?  Wouldn’t a monthly pass on the Muni or the BART have been a bit more practical? 

And then, it looks as if the board must have had some second thoughts about buying Block a $212K car and decided “gee, this car isn’t really showing enough appreciation for all of Mr Block's leadership achievements - we’d better go out and get him an $87K watch too.”  

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about expensive watches, but I do know one thing.  Now that they’ve bought him a watch that costs nearly twice as much as most folks make in a year - if someone at Salesforce ever comes up to him and asks if he knows what time it is - he’d better damn well know!

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Comment by Ron Powell on April 12, 2019 at 5:14am

Is this a new kind of money laundering?

Comment by Johnny Robish on April 12, 2019 at 8:30am

That's a good point.  I've heard about that also - some years ago.


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