Russian Collusion Bites the Hand That Lied


This writer predicted months ago that the longer the investigation into Russian collusion over the Trump White House continued the more it would incriminate the DNC and the numerous players of the party who had a hand in the false accusations attempting to deter a Trump win in the 2016 elections. Instead it has backfired as new revelations emerge that will likely bring down the whole house of cards from John Podesta to Hillary Clinton and all the staffers who supported her.

True colluders

The Russians funneled 145 million to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bill half a million for a speech as the former Secretary of State (Hillary) brokered a deal with the Putin government for 20% of the US uranium resource, a fissionable material used for nuclear weapons while acting as Secretary of State under the Obama White House. Supposedly the deal was that this material could not be moved from the US yet indicators are now that huge amounts of the “Yellow Cake” as it is called have disappeared and are presumed already transported out of the country! One might recall that John Podesta’s financial dealing with Russia netted him 35 million, and he is the legal counsel for the Clintons

Something that really stunk

By 2009 these irregularities were already being investigated by the FBI under acting directors Comey, Rosenstein, and McKay. All had knowledge of the questionable transactions as well the classified violations of state protocol being committed. It seems that the FBI was aware of a massive effort being made by the Russian government to bribe US officials and it was all being documented as Clinton violations of the law under their findings. Yet, the FBI dragged out the investigation along with its official disclosure for years! The results of their findings were hidden from Congress and the American people. Regardless of this fact, the Russians successfully bribed officials at the US state Department and DNC along with the funding of hundreds of millions into the Clinton slush fund!

Groping in the dark

With former FBI Director Bob Mueller’s impotent attempts at trying to nail President Trump on any evidence of Russian involvement for more than a year now while resorting to the examination of financial dealings going back 10 years, the Democrat fishing expedition has landed now on Paul Mantafort for the laundering of as much as 75 million dollars in offshore accounts. Prosecutors are saying that even under these supposedly serious charges they may be dropped if a connection to the Trump campaign cannot be made! So, it is clear to see that the feds will try to get Mantafort to make a deal to save himself if he will testify against Donald J. Trump. One might recall that Paul Mantafort has been forced to resign from the Trump campaign shortly after signing on.

More guilty players

With Susan Rice refusing to appear in front of a Congressional Committee it appears that the federal government will have to get tougher in order to keep their efforts from appearing like token action without results which has been the case too many times in recent years. With the raids that took place on Manafort’s home in the early hours a couple of weeks ago still the attempts by Mueller to incriminate anyone affiliated with Trump far outweigh the evidence of guilt already in hand against the Clinton's. Despite the recent disclosure of more illegal FISA Court unmaskings of Trump’s campaign personnel as well as other Americans amounting to 250 people in the closing weeks of the Obama administration with such authorization pointing to the only possible ranking official to authorize the very wire taps that Donald trump had already publicly accused the White House for, Obama will be implicated! Susan Rice had to be ordered by her immediate superior in order to conduct the surveillance.

Incestuous secrecy

Regardless of the evidence that continues to mount against not only the Clinton camp, the DNC, John Podesta, and Susan Rice now FBI acting directors at the time who are all Democrat donors, James Comey, Andrew McKay, and Jeff Rosenstein apparently all aware of the illegal dealings between the Clintons and Russia, yet were poised not to divulge the results of their probe. In moths later Attorney general Loretta Lynch also becomes implicated as well. How would anything this big in an FBI surveillance go on without her oversight or awareness? This also points to the reasons why Eric Holder thought it best to distance himself by appointing Lynch after being earlier charged with Contempt of Congress over his refusal to provide subpoenaed evidence of the Fast and Furious scandal!

Another Democrat cover-up

The long string of guilt and corroboration does not end there though as James Clapper and John Brennan two heads of top US intelligence agencies both earlier claimed that to their knowledge candidate Donald Trump had not committed any collusion with the Russians yet were unaware of Hillary’s bribes from the Russians? It just doesn’t seem palpable, but this is what you get with the Obama Administration full of Democrat conspirators more than willing to vote lock and step, donate to Democrat causes, and even lie to protect Democrats breaking the law. Now, thanks to a new administration that is not politicizing justice we may see heads roll, the law enforced, and the shadow of corruption clearing from the nation’s capital!


One thing is for sure Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and the Department of Justice will have its hands full as they have been undoing the mess already created by the previous administration already untangling the foolhardy regulations that have hamstrung employers from hiring and reinvesting into their operations. Not to mention Obama's Executive Orders. Now the crime of the Democrats can no longer be upheld by a highly partisan White House. It appears the road to sanity is being paved gradually just as the wheels of justice churn under the US Constitution.



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Comment by Arthur James on October 30, 2017 at 4:01pm


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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on November 1, 2017 at 7:25am

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Comment by Arthur James on November 1, 2017 at 7:29am




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Comment by Doc Vega on November 1, 2017 at 12:18pm

Amy, documented proof that the FBI was investigating Hillary and others in the DNC for Russian bribery and found it, but refused to make their results public because they were covering her old saggy ass along with Podesta and others. The truth is coming out and the Democrats have been cutting their own throats!

Comment by Arthur James on November 1, 2017 at 12:45pm


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