Jeffery Epstein. All those “friends” the leash and into the world of commerce, to be sold, used, and broken. Live and learn. We all did. 

          We were kids, off the leash and into the world of commerce; the private sector ruled by people who ran Jeffery Epstein or with Jeffery Epstein. Take your pick. 

           Lucky for me I was not a rich kid. I’d have been right there with the big boys if they had asked me. I was dumb enough to do whatever I was told for many years, but never far from the MIC. 

           The MIC contracted services just like Epstein. I was fifteen when I was actively recruited during the last years of the Vietnam War. I agreed. I volunteered. 

            And I saw what happened to the rich kids. I saw them go to Wall Street, and how their fathers died. I saw them die of aids and overdose. I saw from a distance, never far from the MIC...who had billions to spend every year for programs like mine. 

             The Rabbi’s son who ran the streets of Asbury Park...was unlike Trump, a real republican. A hard boiled old school mobster, Phillip Konvitz was Murder Inc.  compared to this  Epstein blackmail and bribe operation, and much, much smarter. 

             Konvitz bottom fished for his country and tribe;his office In the hood was a trailer, but up in Newark he ran what might have been the largest bail bond outfit in the world. The MIC loved him. The old guys who I worked with loved him. He lived to over 95 with, as far as I know, no jail time. 

              Who does Epstein serve? Who did Konvitz serve? I ran into the traffic on a gravel road on a filled estuary. There were few cars if any on our road. When asked for directions we did not know them. I don’t know the answers, but I know traffic. 

I am not driving. 



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