I did thirty years in the field before finishing my first associates degree. Only after those towers fell did I actually wear a uniform so as to appear uniform but I knew I was not as well as they did. A year and a half later I was getting an award for my post 911 service...and then received my first AA.

         I wore the uniform but was never an employee of the Federal Government, who I had openly disagreed with since the mid 1970’s.  Attempts to modify my thinking worked, but perhaps not as planned. 

         I never officially attempted a PhD. The email that finally came from the feds said that I had not properly completed the application and that they were no longer offering the program I applied for. I had thought I was just about done when I sent them a poorly executed draft of my dissertation a year earlier. The feds admission policy was don’t call us, so I had not. I was ok not talking to the feds. Being from New Jersey, I was quite comfortable not talking to the feds. 

           I work in the field every day. I write. I teach too...I teach Rule Number 2. My early work was in physics, but not just physics. Decades later I came up with Rule Number 2: There is always a higher level of play. I have been teaching this since 911...to kids like me who had game but were not in on the joke. I don’t mind admitting I was played...I volunteered. 

           I had volunteered before I was played, and thus unknowingly participated in decades of plays that almost always ended up with my peers being introduced to the folks who had outplayed them... after I was already gone.

            The Senator who handed me my AA  decided not to run for office ever again. Telstar? Who remembers Telstar?  Fade to black....      

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Comment by J.P. Hart on November 13, 2018 at 10:27am

Manischewitz, mentors, Minnetonka, Minotaur(s)
grazing' mace! old fashion tent revivals:
Beautiful Bird's tree.
Consent forms, several
sweetly perfumed petites
We light the candle, if I were
to say to you: some call it sleep
Into your life.
Where'd we be without photojournalism?
I ought to wax further; never as fast as
Delilah and her derivatives.
Let me add:
land of the free!
& my snare drum,
approaching Wounded Knee,
day-X-day five-seventy-six

Comment by Robert B. James on November 13, 2018 at 11:15pm

JPH..Just Us. Wobbling to that different drummer. 


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