Resistance to climate change goes way back!

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Comment by Arthur James on June 30, 2014 at 4:24pm


Woo, hot? I visited Open Salon.

I saw a few koshersalaami comments.

Thankfully his server function, and I hope

He doesn't get Notice` The Nude Wrestling

Compassion Radio Event ` New Fourth Of

July Rule Is? No Crotch Grasping allowed.

I wasn't gonna comment. I still am trying

to Read Sunday's `WASH/Post and WP.

WP is the Magazine. ` There is No Proof

That Exotic Pole Dancer` Dance at Radio

J.W. ( not Joan Walsh initials ) Jon W.

Will Be Caller at J.M.E.'s Rant on the


I Keep re ` BOOTING. Rabbi ask

Why Mr.` Koshersalaaami owns

No Matching Socks, and wears

Swimmer Flip-Flops on HoT 

Days to keep Cool. Rumor?

Gossip. Joan ( not Walsh )

Of Ark Allows Dancers To

Dance IF Bloggers Wear

Bib Overall and Straw

Amish Hat. I know

No ` Why wifi 

Go Do` Break?

Maybe ` Dance

BREAK Dance?


I'll expect to be

forced to shut

down and go

shower or

take cat



Licks Paws

Before the





Maybe ask

a character

named` Puck?

Comment by Arthur James on July 1, 2014 at 9:04pm


I visited over at Open?

Salon. koshersalaami

just commented on a

Post about Civil War.

I live in Civil War area:

Sharpsburg, Antietam,

Gettysburg & have two

History Buff Old Friends.

They were High School

Sweethearts, and Our

Children Grew Up

AS kissing cousins.

They are Great To

Visit Civil War

Old Bloody

Sites. Red



are not

Red Tulips.

She'll tail?

Why ` Sideburns '

was a ` Nickname '

Honest` I Love it

when they ` Visit!


ref` The Rebel Yell

at` Open? Salon...

RwOO5g Posted.


He awake and just

commented. Just

lorainne and me

On Line @ Our

Salon. Good night...


IF the feces of the frozen

Neanderthal is studied

by Paleontologist they

can tail whether they

ate Tater Soup and

Avocado Gelato's,

OR ` kosher goo

Salami ` It 

12-03 ` AM.

Try one for



Comment by Arthur James on July 3, 2014 at 12:34am






I woke to empty bladder.

Then, woe is me, read:

ODD comments, open

Minded, with respect.

Libby? She's clear

It has to be said...


I saw a 18- wheeler truck.

It said` Koch Industries,

and wrote side down the

side reads on a ` Koch

Truck. I Googles ` Koch

Industries. Hubris` Greed...

Woe Unto ` Scribes` Hoarders,

and Paid ` Policy ` Pure Baloney!

IT is SO` Clear a ` Child Can See!

That's ` Homer a ` Commentare!

In Rural` Stinks a ` Go heehaw!

Bookish ` Dead a ` Empty Letter!

Same ` Shame a ` Same Same!

Now ` Soon go ` Read Cartoon!

I buy ` Post for` Political Wits!


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