Research Showing Walnuts Effective Weight Loss Tool

Research Showing Walnuts Effective Weight Loss Tool:  New studies are finding that walnuts are an effective weight loss tool - rich in omega-3 fatty acids and known to suppress appetite, they’re being linked to reduced risk of obesity and diabetes.  I can attest that its true.  Hell, I’ve been putting out walnuts every morning for the squirrels in my garden and not a one of them seem to have a weight problem.

Dubai Researchers Create a Chicken From Duck Feather DNA:  Scientists in Dubai say they have successfully bred a chicken with a duck’s DNA from its feather.  My question is, who would want to make a chicken from a duck?  Sounds like the work of a bunch of quacks.  And to make matters worse, when asked about the controversy surrounding the research, scientists tried to duck all the questions.  For Pete’s sake, answer the questions - or are you too much of a chicken?

Thieves Steal Truck With 22 Tons of Nutella and Chocolate:  The Associated Press reports that thieves in Germany stole a semi-trailer full of the hazelnut and chocolate spread Nutella and a variety of other chocolates worth up to $82,000.  Authorities say there’s a good possibility this robbery could be linked to a recent heist of a truck loaded with graham crackers and marshmallows, but say they still need 'smore information before making that determination.  But regardless of who’s responsible, this was definitely one sweet crime.

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