Reflections Upon the Surface; Unseen Currents

I have been away for a while, because I have been seriously thinking about where the world is going, how to change things, what can be done, how to convince others, etc.  I do this pretty much all the time and have ever since I was a child.  I suppose you can thank an early interest in science fiction and a strong sense of humanity as brothers for my constant observance of our spinning planet and the beings upon it.

Just the other day, though, I had a very mild heart attack.  To be sure, it's a sure fire way to put a crimp in your day -- a heart attack, that is.  It changes nothing in my world view, however.  It may require a small amount of convalescence (doc said one week and back at it -- that thing called living) and then with a few modifications (gotta cut back on the sweets at least) and some medications for a while (a few for the foreseeable future) and living my life should be pretty much like it's always been overall.

Mostly, though, I have been away, because I just knew I wasn't treating the issues I really am interested in with the most effective angle of entry.  I seem to keep skipping off the atmosphere of interest when I attempt to discuss these things which I think have the greatest potential to change our world for the better.  So, I've been reflecting upon the surface reality within which we all agree to live, while at the same time, seriously plumbing the depths of humanity as an aggregate lifeform consciousness entity.

Because I had a heart attack (really, the doctor actually referred to it's mildness as, and I quote, "this nudge") I had to stop to consider the personal ramifications of the surface reality and the depths of those currents running unseen.  After all, could my heart health have been better if Big Pharma really cared about my heart health as a disease to be ended, treated, cured, instead of merely finding more ways to pump their products into our bodies in the first place for profit?  I don't know. 

Maybe, if Large-Agro raised animals in healthy conditions, gave them the land and food they normally need and just manage them better, perhaps my heart wouldn't have so much plaque buildup -- I mean considering my LDL/HDL levels from blood taken while I was having the heart attack was considered quite good, that my heart rate was 66 during it, that my blood pressure was only 189/85 during it.  Those rates are not indicative of someone in seriously ill health.

So why do I have such buildup in my arteries?  Is it processed sugar in most of the foods we eat?  Is it the level of antigens and antibodies, resistant germs and super germs in the meats we eat, courtesy of Large-Agro's habitual use of antibiotics as prophylaxis to prevent the disease ridden conditions of animal factories, plus the reason of those antibiotics' use: the disease ridden conditions with bodies piled upon each other so close they cannot move?  Or is it a fallout effect of the way our water is treated and the resultant buildup of pollutants in our bodies from the poor way we control pollution of air, water and land?

Is it really just heredity that plays the part in me?  In all medical respects, my blood work indicates I should be pretty healthy.  My heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol levels all look pretty damn good.  Better when you consider I'm 53.  So is all this buildup JUST my family history?  Because, in the words of my doctor, "Your levels do look good, but for you, they're not good enough."  I can buy that I might have the unfortunate predisposition for heart disease, but how can I change my ways if the ways available to me do not allow me the healthy choices that would best reduce any further chances of another heart attack?

Along with this idea, the impact I know others feel when they can't get proper health care, can't get healthy food to eat, don't have roofs over their heads or have to wonder if today someone with guns is going to come and kill them weighs upon me.  Maybe, it's all this thinking about the situations of others and how they must be suffering that is stressing me out and it would be healthier if I were just a bit more selfish?  Could it really be that simple to reduce my stress -- or is this the kind of stress that actually aids my health as opposed to inhibiting it?  Is there an epidemiological study on this sort of thing?

Any other sorts of things that go into my world view is geared to shaping how people see the world, how they see people in the world and how we must, at some point, recognize our place within this reality.  From my perspective -- and I believe this may be the crux of why I stopped writing for a while -- our place includes inherently, the principle that we are all connected, related and important.  It includes the idea that our ultimate purpose as a species is to grow and survive.  This cannot be done while scores of countries continue to enslave, starve, impoverish or kill their own countrymen or those from other countries for politics, profit and provender for a few over all others.

So I feel that I am close to finding a more expansive and useful way to communicate these ideas and ideals as part of a plan for our continued survival as a species.  Meanwhile, I am recuperating physically, I'm fine emotionally and psychologically and only took the time to touch bases with the rest of you to let you know, truly, I'm Okay.

In the very near future, I will begin placing more posts, though I have other stuff to do first to get my house in order.  It's been a very hectic and challenging year for me and mine -- mostly just my home stuff, though.  Meanwhile, I hope this time finds you all well and hale while in good spirits.  Peace, people.  Not just a good idea, it's the most expansive thing we can have.

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Comment by JMac1949 Today on December 12, 2013 at 10:43pm

Nothing like a near death experience to put your priorities in a different order.  For my birthday last year I got a really weird present, I fell into the lame geezer cliche, of "I've fallen and I can't get up."  Long story short after eight or ten hours of passing out and coming to in different places in my tiny hermit's man cave up on the mountain, I finally figured out I was in some serious trouble so I crawled to the phone and called 911,  and lucked out with yet another close call with the grim reaper.  Seventeen or eighteen now, I'm starting to lose track.

Anyway this one was different because it closest one so far, the ER docs told me I was within a couple of hours of terminally bleeding out.  This one actually changed my brain chemistry; because I know that I sure as hell don't think the same way I did before it went down.  No white lights or out of body experiences, just different.  Different in a good way for me. 

Good to see you back with us. Here's hoping you do well with your recovery and new drugs and diet and such.  Happy holidays and I look forward to reading your next post.  R&L ;-)


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