Recalling the Deeds of the Obama White House


As we see the promises of President Trump coming fruition despite the psychotic opposition to his policies we must pause and make a comparison between the present administration and its current achievements and the early pitfalls of the prior White House. A timeline of comparison for the first 15 months of being in power would yield quite different results between the two. The disparity in not only one of existing circumstances but of the difference in ideology which accounts for the contrasts between the two.

Comparison from the beginning

President Obama began his term immediately abolishing DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) where as President Trump built a strong alliance with Christian evangelical leaders committed to a US economic recovery as well as a spiritual revival to counter the degree of degeneracy contributing to crime in the country.

Flawed tactics

President Obama launched an ill-fated Fast and Furious gun walking program that supposedly would become convicting evidence against the drug cartels who buy weapons from American gun shops then cross the border back to Mexico and use them to commit violence with. Instead the tracking devices were either removed or never attached and these guns were used to murder hundreds of Mexican citizens along with 2 US Border Agents. It took a whistle blower in the ATF who risked his life in order to expose the plot. When confronted by the incident President Obama blamed a previous operation under President Bush which had already been terminated and had not resulted in any deaths

Applauded for effective aggression

In response to repeated human rights violations and the use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria, President Trump ordered a massive cruise missile attack on several Syrian government targets and one airbase where Soviet flight operations were taking place. The attack was successful and praise came from many of the Syrian citizens who had been terrorized by their government’s deadly military actions. US allies also supported President Trump’s decision to hit the Mossad government for its atrocities.

Economic ineptitude

In 2009 with a recession in full swing thanks to Democrat legislation in recent years that had removed regulations such as Glass Steagal and had passed the CRA President Obama proposed a 787 billion dollar bailout. It did little to stave off hardships of the Middle Class as he was readying carbon footprint tax to further hamper people in dire need of transportation to get to work and bring their children to school during a harsh winter season. The promised 5% allocated for infrastructure never happened. Chrysler and GMC were bailed out with tens of billions while the Democrats bought influence in the mass media by paying out billions to the major news networks who were not under financial hardship! Joe Biden VP made a public statement saying America would not get back the 8 million jobs lost.


In contrast to the Obama doctrine, President Trump utilizing a “Can Do” attitude proposed and passed a Tax break that allowed 80% of Americans to bring home more pay, doubled the standard deduction for child dependents, and simplified a complex tax code! As a result of the faith US corporations had in President Trump’s economic savvy trillions of dollars were brought back from offshore so that employers could reinvest in their operations and begin hiring more people! To date unemployment figures as lower than 1973 and jobs for Latinos and Blacks are more numerous now than any time in US history! With Obama’s anemic 1.8% growth over 8 years President Trump’s effective plans brought in 3.3% GDP in his first year!

Irrational opposition

These are simplistic summaries of the contrast in both administration’s methodologies in revitalizing the US economy. The comparative timelines show the startlingly different results each political party attained due to the contrast in ideological action. Yet, with miraculous results achieved by President Trump’s policies the unrelenting US media’s vengeance toward a President they thought they could defeat has created a twisted perception about what is going on in America, and simply restoring prosperity won’t appease the adverse subversion of the left!


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Comment by koshersalaami on March 10, 2018 at 1:32pm

Why are you so concerned with President Obama? He’s no longer President and he’s not running for anything. His predecessor did far more damage to the country and made such a complete mess of the Middle East that it seems like half of it is now moving to Europe where they can’t handle the immigration. 

Do you understand that there is only one person on the entire site who wholeheartedly approves of President Obama? Who are you writing for? This doesn’t read like a policy critique, it reads like an obsession, and the basis for your obsesssion worries me.

However, you’ll also be hard put to find people who think that DOMA was anything but simple pointless discrimination, so defending it doesn’t win you any converts here. No one has ever been able to explain to me how gay marriage threatens or weakens the institution of marriage. Gay marriage is legal, I’m still married, and I just don’t see the real or imagined threat to my marriage. Actually, gay marriage strengthens the institution by gaining the institution more adherents. 

During the AIDS epidemic, a lot of conservatives really vilified gays for being promiscuous. A lot of gays saw the value in that case and said, in effect, “OK, we’ll be like you. We’ll get married, settle down, raise kids.” 

And what happens? The very same people who vilified gays for being promiscuous vilify them for getting married, settling down, and raising kids,

which reveals the truth about all that vilifying. You’re not vilifying gays for what they do, you’re vilifying gays for who they are. There’s a name for that. It’s called bigotry.

And you’ve put the cherry on the sundae by attributing crime in America (which has actually been decreasing for years) to “moral degeneracy,” and in case we miss what you mean by that, you put it in the DOMA paragraph. 

So Trump has more serious ties to Evangelicals. Interesting, given the man’s personal morals, which are about as anti-Jesus as I can imagine. But let’s ignore the utter hypocrisy of Evangelical support for Trump for a minute. What I want to know is why anyone thinks that in a country founded in part on the concept of freedom of religion we should increase the power of a religious group, particularly one that wants to persecute a minority for no civil reason, not to mention roll back womens’ rights. 

If this is what snakes look like, I prefer snakes to wing-nuts. Snakes are better for our country.

Comment by Doc Vega on March 11, 2018 at 7:46am

Kosher once again you refuse to connect the dots! The point was made in the very first paragraph do you suffer from ADD and or ADDHD? Where did I mention a fucking things about Gays! You constantly bring this shit up! What is your problem? You comments are largely irrelevant! I have no obsession about Obama, but I do have an obsession with the stupidity of the American voter, the CFR radical agenda of the US media, and the flaws in the Federal government! I do not care what the pervading opinion within this site is! Why do I bring up Obama at all? Is as a comparison to Trumps successful economic policy and that Obama's failures continue to define what the Democrats will continue to advance. Jesus man read the damn article don't respond with your preconceived agenda about Gays and bigotry! Don't go there anymore!

Comment by Doc Vega on March 11, 2018 at 7:55am

 Kosher, Once again about Trump! Any man ans woman are imperfect, flawed, and frail and any person can experience a Christian conversion! Trump is not anti-Jesus, are you getting dementia? Trump funded his own campaign! He is a billionaire he doesn't need this shit! He could finish his life out doing what he loves, but instead he chose to help our nation and he is doing it! Nobody owns Trump Nobody! Why do you think the Washington DC establishment bastards hate him so much and why does the US media 99% hate him? Even with that Obama would attack FOX Jesus wasn't he coddled enough by the press? So what's not to like about Trump? NO he aint perfect! We don't need a choir boy as president it's the soundness of his policies that count! They're not going to bring Trump down! I predicted Trump's win and I will predict that the Democrats will self destruct trying to beat him because they will only expose their own corruption as they are doing already. Trump will go on to win in 2020 unless the Lord comes back, an Alien civilization attacks, or a nuclear war breaks out and I would not be surprised if the Democrats would orchestrate a world war simply to stop Trump!


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