• He has known success and failure. He never gave up because of failures. 
  • He admits he has used politicians to his benefit in the past, but he was not running for office at the time, he was in business.
  • He works hard even though he doesn't have to. It is a good value to have.
  • He has a positive outlook for himself and for the country.
  • He wants to create jobs instead of putting people on welfare.
  • His children are respectful of him and respectable. (not an easy task to accomplish.)
  • He has taken over government projects and brought them in under budget. (NYC skate rink.)
  • He is saved (a Christian Spiritual Term for accepting Christ as his Lord and Savior), though he is not cognizant of the "Christian Lingo" Dr. James Dobson said his decision is fairly recent. 
  • He listens to people giving him advice. He surrounds himself with quality people when seeking advice. He listens and learns. 
  • He is not afraid to change his mind after getting more facts on a matter.
  • He is not a person of pretense. What you see is what you get.
  • He is not politically correct. (This comes across as crass and in your face. Part of this is the culture of the east coast. I also have these tendencies because I grew up out east.)
  • He is not afraid to fight back if needed. (also a cultural "New York/east coast" thing.)
  • He believes in free commerce.
  • He loves our country.
  • His ex-wives still like him.

For Me especially, I like that he is not afraid to change his mind. Sometimes we learn and grow and we need to be able to reflect those changes.
Yes, he is rough around the edges, but at least he is not sneaky. I know some will disagree with me on this, that is okay and your right. I love America and I love our freedom of thought and speech.

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Comment by Sage Hunter on July 4, 2016 at 9:04am

You don't think America needs jobs? Trump has created jobs. It is a byproduct of improving business. I agree he is a business man. But more and better rules for business will improve things for everyone. Hateful tones not necessary for communication, though.

Comment by koshersalaami on July 4, 2016 at 9:05am
of reasons not to like Trump, right? Or, as an alternative, I could post to invite people to come up with reasons that I edit into my post as I find them if they aren't redundant. It could run long.

Also, I don't view all of the above as reasons to vote for him. And some of them are just too universal to bother with.

He loves our country. Yeah, and no other candidate does. You might as well say he loves his mother. As an example.

I also do not share your opinion that he is not sneaky. He's done enough that should be hidden.

I'm also a New Yorker by upbringing. I'm not holding him responsible for cultural stuff.
Comment by Sage Hunter on July 4, 2016 at 9:10am

Well, they may not be reasons YOU would vote for him...but they are reasons I find as a positive. As far as loving our country...I do believe Hillary loves our country too. I am NOT convinced that Obama does. I think he is ashamed of our country, so loving our country is a positive in this case.

Comment by Arthur James on July 4, 2016 at 9:10am


Don Trump ought

to build a boat?

Noah and The

Trump Ark?


Attend a Black

Bummer? no. A

Black Bumper

Auto. I tell the

Community of

Rural Mennonites

to Anticipate Guest.

No Build a Medical

Insane Asylum in

DC or Mexico.




no hunts 



or Bambi.

no shoot 

deer and

eat greens.



Comment by Sage Hunter on July 4, 2016 at 9:13am

LOL what? 

Comment by Myriad on July 4, 2016 at 9:49am

Well, the US has lots to be ashamed of...but the old canard about Obama is...just that, a canard.  He has suffered slings and arrows to work for a country, large swathes of which despise him and his 'kind' for the 'crime' of complexion. Let's take health care:  the US is alone among industrialized nations in not looking after its people in this area, a truly shameful state of affairs, and Obama did something to begin to address that - and is insulted daily for his efforts.  

All of the things you list about Trump are superficial.  He hasn't offered up any ideas about how to create jobs - it's just a slogan to give (false) hope to the dispossessed.  Makes it sound simple - which is the secret to his political success.  

He has done really sleazy business things - Trump U is an outstanding example.  His bankruptcies, which truly bankrupted a lot of people but not him. And did stupid business things - who goes bankrupt running casinos?

A "positive outlook" with no back-up is meaningless.  He's given every indication of being clueless as to how government works and what diplomacy means.  And actually a better case could be made for his having a negative outlook - blaming everything on the Mexicans and Chinese and Muslims...and fomenting hatred...even encouraging violence at his pep rallies (offering to pay the legal costs if someone beat up a protester - remember that?)

His being "saved" (which was announced for him, not by him) at this late date looks like an obvious ploy to get evangelical votes.  (Since he hasn't given away everything he owns to the poor, turned the other cheek, etc., I'm doubting. Yeah, I know, not required for salvation, whatever that crazy Jesus said.)

Surrounds with quality people?  Names please.  And he's on record as saying he listens mainly to himself - got such a good brain and all.

Looks like a person of pretence - pretending to be for the working people.  But his record as a business man belies that - threw out US workers, brought in Polish workers and then stiffed them, for instance.  And his whole "Christian" facade, scarcely even rising to the standard of "facade", is offensive pretence.

"Politically correct" is the sneery term for being polite, respectful, not deliberately hurting people's feelings, mostly with respect to race and ethnicity. Calling Mexicans rapists, claiming a judge of Mexican descent couldn't be fair, this stupid anti-Clinton tweet with a six-pt. star, stuff like that is 'legitimizing' the resentment of white people who don't like being polite.  But, East Coast mores or no, courtesy is essential in society...esp. one with so many effing guns...

What has he changed his mind on?  Mexicans?  Waffled on abortion (who should be punished), but so obviously reacting in the moment to a questioner, not demonstrating any actual opinion.  Muslims?  Which is the greatest book?

I wish the country could split in two and those who dig Trump could have him.  The rest could get to work building a wall.

Comment by nerd cred on July 4, 2016 at 10:05am
  • Who else can take casinos bankrupt?
  • He admits to bribery - being in business doesn't make that ok.
  • How do you know he works hard? A lot of activity doesn't = hard work. Bossing minions around doesn't either.
  • ...
  • Who wants to put people on welfare? He's made a good share of his own money on corporate welfare. Maybe he wants all the welfare money for himself and his cronies rather than helping the needy.
  • His sons kill endangered animals and display their carcasses in photos.
  • NYC skate rink = 1. vs. 4 bankruptcies of casinos, no less, which in most cases are legal pocket-picking, bankruptcies manipulated to keep money in his own pocket at the expense of vendors, investors, creditors and employees. (Cheating is cheating, even in business.) He made his early money off the government - building real estate with big taxpayer subsidies.
  • Saved? Seriously? Anyone can say that and Dobson is a pervert and a charlatan. Besides, any religious criterion is unconstitutional. Don't you respect the constitution?
  • Is there any evidence that he listens to anyone or who that might be? "Quality" people? Who? Corey Whatzisname? Asked about his advisors once he said he listens to himself because he has a good brain and has said a lot of things. Great.
  • A thug/criminal/gangster without pretense is still a thug/criminal/gangster.
  • "He is not politically correct" is another way of saying he has no concern  with treating others with respect. I'll bet he's a little more concerned about insulting the rich and powerful than the poor and insignificant. Easterners are perfectly capable of being respectful and decent. Been east, kids born in suburban NYC, lived there. You don't have to be crass in the east.
  • Who is afraid to fight back? They don't do that in the west? (They do in MN.)
  • He believes in what profits him.
  • He doesn't know any other country.
  • His ex-wives are well-paid.

Maybe he's not sneaky but how do you know what he's hiding?

"Rough around the edges" can be other words for crude, rude, ill-mannered, self-centered, inconsiderate.

There's changing your mind and changing your mind. He doesn't know enough to be president and sometimes his "learning" just reflects, even magnifies that.

Most here will disagree with you on this, I think. Of course you're free to think and vote as you wish. I'm equally free to think poorly of your choice.Your conclusion about President Obama not loving the country does not testify well for your opinions.

People regularly vote for Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Freedom.

Comment by Myriad on July 4, 2016 at 11:33am

Yeah, having your religious credentials spoken for by a fake Christian like Dobson... That reminds me - Trump is misogynistic on his own - as Trevor Noah keeps reminding us, Trump made lustful comments about his daughter.  Also - BIRTHER!  That latter was a good example of his flim-flam - lots of noise and assurances of incredible finds, blah blah, which, oops, he just dropped...but to do it in the first place is such obvious racism.  And then there's all his comments about women - is it halfway decent to take cracks at (non-politician) Rosie O'D in the course of a presidential campaign?  And his remarks about that Fox woman, forget name.  Just as a couple of many remarks.  He really IS crass, not just "rough around the edges" and New-Yorkish.

Really, it's hard to see specifics (as opposed to generalities like "he works hard" - who doesn't? But hard work in and of itself is meaningless.  People work hard to do awful things as well as good as well as just-to-keep-head-above-water) as to Trump's qualifications, but perhaps you'll give it a shot.  

Comment by Arthur James on July 4, 2016 at 1:53pm


Noah & Don Trump

ought to build a cage

and keep Cats & Dogs

in Separate Places? A

Cat Scratch Dog and A

Noah Be annoyed IF A










and Our?




IT best to Be

Honest, aye.



Comment by JMac1949 Today on July 4, 2016 at 2:28pm

There's nothing to add here except:


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