Random thoughts and images completed again.  It is time to let the mind find what it will discover and follow the path that is revealed.  Consciousness opens it's beautiful arms and lets all the living into the circle.  The circle is infinite and the energy is infinite.  We are the infinite.  

I was informed that tomorrow I will have a roommate after being told that it didn't look like I would have to have one.  I'm violently angry and dead inside.  How did my life come to this? 

The roommate has turned out to be completely uneventful  

What has really perked my interest is the Parkinson's symptoms that I am experiencing.  Starting therapy on my hand. Feeling tired like dreaming would answer all of my questions and concerns.  Toda would have been a good day to have mom around of course she would very quickly say something to piss me off. Something about weight  She was good like that. 

Oh the roommate.  Quiet little hippy kid that probably has a lot to resemble me but then we may never know.   The silence is deafening. 

The defining lines on the face of this nation are those of a woman in great pain and agony.  The lines are dug deep with the hands of the men in charge.  Always white. Time passes and the world changes except for the fate of the woman. 

My mother's definition of woman was simple.  Do as you are told and ignore what is going on.  Mom played that role well.  In the end all she wanted was to get back home.  She was always waiting for that idiot husband of hers to show back up, pick her up and take her home.  I was never sure which home she was referring to. 

Having a roommate that is blind and spends twenty two hours a day on his tablet only uttering short sentences to the nurses or aids is test of silence. Other than the music.  The one thing I told him was that I played music twenty four hours a day and he let me know he had his ear buds in continuously. 

Got the window open with a nice breeze coming in.  Trying to find some hope to hinge my dread on.  Classical music being play on synthesizers.  Things are ok.  Could be much worse. 

We have a resident named "Dolly" as a point of identification who roams the hallways in her wheelchair unaware of any human contact, per se.  Her husband is a sicko pervert that kisses her like she's sixteen and I found them in the corner of one room and according to the sounds Perv was getting a lube job. 

Now here's the argument, they are married.  You need to be conscious of your surroundings. Dolly is not conscious of her surroundings.  The fact that this perv gets away with things like this makes my blood boil and I want to rub his nose in shit which is possible in a nursing home.  Hell I could selectively choose Dolly's shit to rub his nose in. 

There are things that go on in a nursing home that pushes the envelope of rules and regulations and then situations where the rules just don't matter.  I plan on changing things. 



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Comment by Birdinhand on March 27, 2017 at 12:18pm

I hope you don't mean you're going to try to get to know Dolly better. She's married.


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