Colors burst as the veins erupt. 

I have spent a lifetime trying to do right by mom only to have her treat me like shit. 

Every once in a while the reality of the situation becomes so clear that I have the sensation of falling down into a void of nothingness.  I sit at my mother's bed crippled in my own state watching her sleep.  Sleep is what mom does now.  That or a breathing treatment. 

Essence is the purpose 

Purpose is the motivation 

Motivation is the goal 

The goal is enlightenment 

To find an answer to the question 

I am lost my friend 

The dog is dying because she has been over fed. I somehow have found myself at war with this crazy fat old woman over the dog and over the terrible things she keeps saying about me.  Imakes me crazy. 

Crazy is frightening especially when it's brought on partly by age.  Making a stand against it is impossible.   logic loses out on illogical thought.  We are seeing that play out right now on our political stage.  Trying to have an intelligent conversation about Trump and his gang is impossible. 

I've seen the scenario to many times.  That which this facility is going through.  Corporate gets a  hair in their tight asses and figures changes must take place and after the changes are made find that the changes made the situation worse. 

The don after working here thirty years was fired and my first question would be, did they take her pension? 

  The hole leads to darkness 

The darkness leads to sleep 

I watch her die a little more with each passing day 

I am a prisoner  

Woman with a monumental ass, large, is talking to Jen like a small child in a high pitched voice, "why are you always laughing at us?" 

Well it's simple, Jen does not like male voices. 

Knit picking? 

Grey area? 

Fuck em. 

 I find it all to be q complete waste of time. Time being relative means nothing matters. 

Our country is on the verge of complete destruction of our values, of our principles and of our souls. 




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Comment by Phyllis on January 14, 2017 at 2:22pm

I'm glad you're back writing. I'm sorry that things haven't gotten better with your mom and I hope you find the day when you can just turn away when she starts arguing with you. Take care.


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