Should TV meteorologists use this moment to teach or inform the public about the relationship between global warming and the current string of killer storms?

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Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on September 20, 2017 at 3:33am

These issues must be raised in all possible arenas.

Comment by Ron Powell on September 20, 2017 at 6:09am

 Meteorologists are scientists.

The matter of global warming is no more opinion than the shape of the planet is.

Global warming is fact....

If there is opinion involved it is related to the cause/source of the warming trend.

That some don't accept the fact that global warming is occuring doesn't make the fact less credible.

If that were so we'd still be listening to people who believe that the earth is flat and at the center of creation....

Comment by koshersalaami on September 20, 2017 at 6:45am

I hope this comment publishes - I've tried to leave a comment here several times this morning. 

Yes, it should be done, and it can be done quickly. Advice is given on the air all the time, quickly. 

"This is a Category 4 hurricane. If you're wondering why we're seeing more category fours and fives than we used to, it's because hurricanes draw their energy from heat. With global temperatures rising, oceans are getting warmer, making storms more intense. Until we get a handle on global warming, this phenomenon will continue to increase." 

If the station gets political flak and management complains, the meteorologist can ask the station for the ability to respond - controversy is news - and can say something like this:

"There have been some calls to WXXX complaining that I am injecting politics into weather forecasts by talking about global warming because there is disagreement about whether global warming is real and a real problem. Any disagreement about that is among politicians, not among scientists who actually study weather. When people like me call ourselves meteorologists it's because we have degrees in meteorology - we are weather experts. I don't know a single meteorologist who doesn't believe that global warming is happening and is affecting weather. Global warming affects weather in ways that affect public safety, and reporting on weather-related public safety issues is my job. I would be doing WXXX listeners a disservice by failing to report on weather-related safety issues, and so I will continue to do so."


Comment by koshersalaami on September 20, 2017 at 6:53am

I disagree - there is interpersonal chat in television news. I think there can be occasions where a meteorologist interjects what I said above. My first statement would take under fifteen seconds of air time. 

Comment by koshersalaami on September 20, 2017 at 7:32am

Ron, I'd go further. 

In a case like this with multiple storms, I would suggest that whatever national meteorological association exists organize its member broadcasters to issue a common statement along the lines of the two in my earlier comment on the air nationally on one day. I'd imagine most stations and even networks would go along with this because the statement itself would be news, particularly in the midst of a string of damaging storms. Something that said, politely:

Look, Bozos, All these politicians and industry lobbyists who tell you that global warming isn't real are full of shit. Those of us who study weather for a living and actually understand how it works want to tell you that it is real and that the computer models predict more intense storms, which is exactly what we're seeing. We polled our members and [97%] of us favor making this statement nationally. People in the weather field are damned near unanimous about this. This is not a scientific controversy, because scientists are in close to complete agreement about this.

We can tell you that if global warming continues, we will see stronger storms and more of them. We will see billions of dollars in property damage at a bare minimum, a whole lot of deaths, and some coastal areas becoming either completely uninhabitable or too expensive to keep habitable. We will see alterations in weather patterns everywhere that will lead to more floods and more droughts, damaging crop harvests and making food more scarce and more expensive. 

This is not anyone's hoax. This is weather science. People who study weather know this is not a hoax. 

[They can't go here, but if this turns into a religious argument:]

If you think God will fix this, what tools do you think He will use? His handiest tools are people. He may be talking to you through this statement. [Just to make the crazies crazier.]


Comment by Ron Powell on September 20, 2017 at 7:35am

@TM;  "As usual Ron, you don't seem to understand how the real world works..."

I  am the real world. It is you who choose to live in an insulated bubble of isolated , sterilized, and sanitized of any reality beyond that which exists in your woefully inadequate and feeble mind....

You follow me around like some sort of indolent and inconsolable troll who is smitten with envy, anger, incredulity, and resentment...

Your pitiful attempts at condescension don't bother me in the least, because unlike yourself, I know exactly who I am and where I coming from...

So, I would advise you to either make a contribution to the discourse without the childishness and buffoonery of personal attacks or simply stay in your fetal. (or fecal, take your pick ), bubble and shut the fuck up before you get your ass handed to you and people have to rescue you from the "bullying" you've brought on yourself.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on September 20, 2017 at 9:58am

Ron, stand by for being called an "angry Black man" for pointing out McKenna the Meretricious' foibles.  He already discounts everything you say because... well... **cough**white privilege**cough**, so you already got that one covered.

...and yeah, yeah...  I already know you think I'm an "angry woman"...  so you can save your condescension for later, m'kay?

P.S.  You did give me a pretty huge chuckle with your "News of all sorts rarely has time for opinion.." line.  I think that skit will only play for people who never watch Fox, CNN, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, BBC, Al Jazeera and/or read Maariv.

Comment by Anna Herrington on September 20, 2017 at 11:26am

Personally, all this saying "It's climate change" does nothing without stating clearly what is actually possible and necessary for individuals to *do* about it, and what Industry will have to change, more importantly. Otherwise it's just words as it seems too often now. Easy to dismiss, too easily deemed isolated talk removed from ones' daily life.

(And who will take action and actually figure out how to stop cows farting all that polluting methane which is also a huge global warming problem??  Will you become vegan for the planet's health? ....really??)

"...if global warming continues..." -- How will it not?? It's not going to stop, not unless most humans on the globe change pretty much everything, it seems. 

I still remember that the ozone hole *closed* for the three days or whatever it was right after 9/11 when all flights in U. S. were stopped altogether.... and banning CFCs is narrowing the hole currently, according to some, but will flights stop and cars park to stop global warming? No. Is their time or even ability to transform the current world before Boston and Miami, on and on, go under?

Is there even time to eradicate fossil fuels?

Is there united global interest or funds to do so?

Global laws insisting on widespread personal and industry changes seem to me the only way warming will even slow, but it's not going to happen with the lack of unity among humans all over the globe - no stopping, no slowing.

Seems to me what ought to be pushed is how we will use technology and change transportation practices and the way homes are built, on and on while advancing new methods of pollution-free technology - not the kind that just kills birds and wildlife faster, a la current solar panels and wind farms - so we can slow the changes as we've seen can help - and learn how to build/live with less disasters *with* the warming, frankly.

'Cause it's warming regardless of who speaks out where and/or when as long as nothing else radically changes in human actions, and it will require major changes in industry like getting rid of jet fuel to power planes level of changes...

and so far, Priuses for those who can afford them and plastic bans in certain, isolated towns aside, it's only getting worse.

So, meteorologists talking global warming points while hurricanes rip through..... sounds good, I guess, but....


If anyone gets Netflix, there's one crazy show/episode with one home owner with money who decided to try and build his house to float in flooding - 'cause he *wanted* his house built by the frequently flooding Thames. So he does it - and becomes prototype in UK for building first house that rises in flood waters, like a house in wet dock. Crazy! but this is how we're going to have to start thinking and building, imho.

Comment by Ron Powell on September 20, 2017 at 12:05pm

@TM;  "Don't really give a shit about the herd mentality here either." 

Evidence of the fact that the people who rush to save you from yourself are pretty much waiting their time. 

Comment by Ron Powell on September 20, 2017 at 12:11pm

@AH; I  believe that there's,a distinction to be  made between climate change and global warming. 

The question I raise here suggests that meteorologists recite the basic facts re the relationship between global warming and hurricane frequency and intensity....

Not  the questios/issues re human impact on causation of the phenomenon. ...

Thanks for the contribution to the discourse...


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