With the September 30th legislative deadline fast approaching, the Republicans are bringing their last ditch effort to repeal and replace Obamacare to a fever pitch.

They are intensifying efforts to pass a bill that will be little more than political posturing for their conservative base.  Again they are attempting to do so without the benefit of CBO scoring or open discussion/argumentation on the floor of either house.

On Monday CNN is hosting a 'town hall' style 'debate' between the sponsors of this 11th hour bill and two of the most outspoken critics of the proposal.

There are those who are saying that the Republicans' last minute offering will fall short and die on its own and that the Sanders single payer stance is the contrast the Republicans need to promote and succeed with the passage of their bill.

Others say this may be the chance to highlight the crucial flaws in the Republican proposition while advancing the cause for universal single payer health care.

So, here's the question:

Is the upcoming Graham/Cassidy-Klobuchar/Sanders debate a golden political opportunity or a monumental political mistake?

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on September 22, 2017 at 6:58am

First of all, the part of the Republican base Trump and Neanderthal Congress are playing to wouldn't know the CBO scoring from a hot rock and couldn't follow a "open discussion" unless it involved football or Nascar. (BTW, did you know that Alice Rivlin, the first head of the CBO, was rejected by Indiana University from their doctoral program because she was "a woman of marriageable age"???)

As to your question...  

Amy Klobuchar will publicly make Bill Cassidy look like the absolute, utter dolt that he is.  Involving him in a debate is a totally ignorant move which will destroy any future political asperations the idiot might have. (it will give Jimmy Kimmel more ammo to eviscerate Cassidy with, however).

Bernie Sanders will do the same to "Stinkball" Graham because he not only thinks better on his feet during a debate, but knows the issue MUCH better.

Comment by Jonathan Wolfman on September 22, 2017 at 12:39pm

Mr McCain has done the nation a positive Good.

Comment by koshersalaami on September 22, 2017 at 9:28pm

The Republicans are fools for doing this because of who the constituencies are for each side. Who benefits from insurance companies not having to cover preexisting conditions in some states? Insurance companies and the legisLative recipients of insurance company largesse, but not the public the debate can't be designed by Graham to reach insurance companies because they already know what they need to know. Only the public makes sense as the target audience, except maybe the Tepublican leadership. States' Rights are simply not as important to the public as affordable insurance is. The only thing Graham has to gain is viability within the Republican leadership. If that's what he's after, this makes sense for him. 


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