Pulp Free Orange Juice Issues:  Bought a carton of orange juice that claimed the juice was "pulp free." When I poured the juice into a glass, pulp came out just as always. I'm thinking what the hell is this, pulp fiction?


Study Finds Cats Are Sleepiest Mammals:  New research shows that cats are the sleepiest mammals spending up to 16 hours a day sleeping, which means that a 7-year-old cat has really only been awake for 2 years.  No kidding!  My cat happens to be a charter member of the National Association of Pussycats - also known as “NAP.”


Insomnia Linked With Early Death In Men:  Researchers are finding that older men who have insomnia symptoms -- such as problems falling asleep or staying asleep -- have an increased risk of dying from heart-related issues over a six-year period.  That said, researchers insist that even with the increased risk of death, its nothing to lose sleep over.

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Comment by moki ikom on September 24, 2018 at 12:58am

Luckily for all us, our cat and dog fit well into into our mom's routine, sixteen or so hours slumber-likeness per day works to tolerate the madness.

Comment by Johnny Robish on September 24, 2018 at 6:30am



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