amerikka fears what it doesn't know.  and its ignorance about its own culture is astounding.  one way to understand amerikkan culture is to look at its violence, sanctioned violence and continual mind-numbing, ridiculous hand-wringing dialogue around its violence. now some want to claim violence can be verbal-abuse. indeed in psychiatric hospitals and incarcerated settings the pathetically inert phrase "verbal altercation" speaks of a culture desperate for civility and for any possible way to tamp down its rampant violence.  and yet verbal abuse is emotionally hurtful- still it cannot be equated to violence. of course verbal or emotional abuse is much more destructive to a child esp. coming from a caregiver or parent...see ACES


that said. let's talk about psychopaths. a misunderstood term and NOT a psychiatric diagnosis...

psychopathy is determined through evidencing behaviors. antisocial behaviors that speak to an individual having ZER0 respect for the laws and norms of civil society.

psychopaths emerge every now and then in the public consciousness as mass murderers. the fury and debate about them is intense.  arm-chair quarterbacks of every stripe and cohort likes to opine on why and who and what is not...

i have worked intimately with many psychopaths over my career. it is estimated that in a maximum security facility (like the one  i am currently employed in) as many as 30% of the inmates are psychopathic and certainly their high antisocial traits are quite in evidence by the amount of crime and type of violence they engage in.

a psychopathic designation is determined by a simple examination of an individuals behavior.  Any licensed clinician (social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc) can take a two day course on how to determine psychopathy. the test can be applied with or without clinical interview as records will suffice to evidence the behaviors of a potential psychopath...

so let's look at some examples of recent mass murderers: Omar Mateen and Cesar Altieri Sayoc (yes, he did not actually successfully murder anyone- but that does not mitigate that he wanted to and seriously attempted to kill many people)

In a revealing article about Fla. Mass murderer Omar Mateen the journalist writes:

“Crucially, it links them to other mass killers who don’t try to dress up their murderous rage as a political act.”- Joan Smith (2016) The Telegraph

(“it” being history of violence towards women and girls)

 Psychopaths usually don’t’ have any USE for women. They’re 100% transactional in nature so they see the world in terms of power relations and material and opportunities to wield control. Mateen's ex-lover (gay puerto rican) spoke about how mateen was angry at the prospect of contracting H.I.V. from his gay (closeted) sexual acts...

But let’s take a closer look at Cesar Sayoc’s life through the lens of David Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist (Revised): we score the test as either a (0)- individual exhibits none of this behavior or (1) some of this behavior or (2) individual exhibits this behavior consistently over a long period of time in several contexts

a 29.5 score out of a possible 40 qualifies someone as a are the categories for assessment:


1. Glib and superficial charm- salesman, also lawyers in USA Today article claimed he was respectful and completely willing to take responsibility for his criminal acts, they were suprised he acted in this manner- (1)

  1. Grandiose-“I worked for Tootsie’s produced 13 million in lap dances” “Part owner of Chippendales” “Played for Arizona Rattlers Arena Football team” (all untrue) (2)
  2. Need for stimulation –steroid use (2) stripper
  3. Pathological lying- 2014 deposition in Fla. Lawsuit making claims about success, earning degrees in “business, finance and biology” claimed to be “Seminole Indian” (2)
  4. Cunning and manipulativeness- 1994 Viola Altieri (probably grandmother ) filed domestic violence charges against Sayoc. She later tried to withdraw the complaint. Bombs sent to anti-Trump politicians(2)
  5. Lack of remorse or guilt- Real bombs (2)
  6. Shall affect- no examples of any ability to identify feelings other than anger, resentment and disdain:Told Debra Gureghian, a lesbian, that she was “deformed” (2)
  7. Callousness and lack of empathy –“we need more Auschwitzes” (2)
  8. Parasitic lifestyle- living with older woman (Altieri) at the age of 32. (1)
  9. Poor behavioral controls- “On the strip club circuit his weapons of choice were a syringe filled with HIV-infected blood and tuna cans strapped to his boots so he could ‘take out’ another male dancer by stomping on the man’s face. (2)
  10. Sexual promiscuity- male stripper, beheaded Barbie Dolls found in van (2)
  11. Early behavioral problems-none reported (0)
  12. Impulsivity-“threatened to blow up the local power company for shutting off electricity” (2)
  13. Irresponsibility-lived in van (1)
  14. Failure to accept responsibility- Stated “No one dresses as crisp and fresh as me.” When club managers disciplined him for not dressing professionally and for changing in the club’s parking lot (2)
  15. Many short term marital relationships- no record of any heterosexual relationships (0)
  16. Juvenile delinquency-none on record (0)
  17. Revocation of conditional release-Aug 2015 violated probation (2)
  18. Criminal versatility-threatening to discharge destructive device 2002, possession of fake driver’s license 2004, possession of controlled substance 2004, 1995 drug charges, theft 2013, 1994 domestic violence charge (2)
  19. Lack of Realistic Long term goals No evidence he was deluded into thinking some scheme was going to save him (worked at delivering pizzas) (0)

 Bada-Bing! 29 (and we can prorate the short-term marital relationships- as he most likely not a heterosexual) so that would qualify him 29.5 as a low I.Q. psychopath.

High I.Q. psychopaths score 34 and above…


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Comment by Tom Cordle on October 29, 2018 at 10:58am

The scariest aspect of this is not that Sayoc qualifies, but that I'm sure some would say I qualify, based on the above symptoms or signs. To wit, I've been accused of having glib and superficial charm, drank a lot of scotch, exaggerated my resume, had delusions of grandeur, craved attention as a musician and entertainer, been homeless and lived in a van, shacked-up with women (seemed like a better idea than living in a van), was sexually promiscuous, behaved irresponsibly, had many short-term relationships, and lacked realistic long term goals.

But psychopath or sociopath? I think not.  Indeed, that sort of behavior apparently can be ignored in a nominee for the Supreme Court. Indeed, it's well understood that CEOs exhibit sociopathic indices well above average.

Further, I suggest anti-social behavior is typical of a lot of young men. It becomes something else, however, when it persists past age thirty or so, as it obviously did with Sayoc. I'd also suggest he is a textbook example of self-loathing and projection, two personality traits which to me are even better indicators of sociopathy.

Comment by Ron Powell on October 29, 2018 at 1:19pm

"i have worked intimately with many psychopaths over my career."

In what capacity?

You appear to be claiming or establishing a modicum of expertise that sets you apart from the "arm-chair quarterbacks of every stripe and cohort."

What is the nature of your academic and/or educational preparation, background, and training in the field of psychoanalysis?

You articulate an interesting take on the matter of the "MAGA Bomber" as Sayoc has been dubbed.

However, your analysis and assertions are little more than informed opinions re who/what he is, and carry no more weight than the opinions of those you decry as laypeople who are bereft of sufficient insight and experience to be taken seriously, if taken at all....

Comment by marshall bjohnson on October 29, 2018 at 1:38pm

Whoa@ronpowell- I musta struck a nerve for you to be so condescending and interrogating...i am a forensic social worker and a psychiatric social worker in NY state  I’ve worked in every incarcerated setting save for federal prison. Most of my clinical experience had been with inmate/patients with high antisocial traits. I employ the PCL-R in my work nearly everyday. I use it here as a tool for laypersons to understand what has been mythologized. These informed observations are arrived at after much consideration and experience. I started teaching in incarcerated settings in 1998...And I switched to social work to help the whole person in 2007. But I can shoot you over my extensive resume if you give me your email so you can check up on me...but I’m disappointed in your denigrating approach. Must be you got some of these traits...too:)

Comment by Ron Powell on October 29, 2018 at 2:01pm

That's better...

I would stand by your expertise and experience here or in a court of law...

Your observations carry the weight of that of an 'expert witness'...

Keep in mind that there are 'expert witnesses' who may disagree with your assessment....

"I musta struck a nerve for you to be so condescending and interrogating."

Not so... However I do find it amusing and interesting that no one here thought it to be condescending when I was interrogated and raked over the coals re my credentials and experiences in law...

White Privilege was well at work back then and I'm convinced that one or two people left this place because of the arrogant and uppity black man who has the brazen effrontery and unmitigated gaul to instruct'white people about anything including the black experience in America....

The fact that I have the temerity to teach those who would not be taught here caused me to be accused of condescension constantly and continually.

BTW;  "Psychopaths usually don’t’ have any USE for women."

Are there no female psychopaths?

Comment by marshall bjohnson on October 29, 2018 at 6:55pm

@RP:94-97% of psychopaths are men, most likely because they are going to be the ones tested. I would certainly defer to you in matters of law and in relation to your cultural experience in this very white world...I don’t see much info on the new mass murderer of Pittsburgh buts that’s probably because his victims were a protected And vulnerable class that the same media, liberal-minded dems & Republicans want to appeal to.. hell even trump wants to acknowledge the massacre- but I have little doubt Robert bowers  has the same characteristics as all mass murderers and is clearly psychopathic...

Comment by Robert B. James on October 30, 2018 at 6:56am
Wow. There are a lot of former COs bouncing in and out of my field work...not half as many as vets, but more than I used to run into. Way to few social workers or psychologists...we need an army of them out here. Lots of well meaning folks...but none trained to deal with, or even identify a potential mass murderer. I’ll stick to history...but thank you for your dedication and the lesson.
Comment by Robert B. James on October 30, 2018 at 7:08am
I tried to Like this but OS would not let me.
Comment by J.P. Hart on March 26, 2019 at 5:48am

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I & M

marshall bjohnson: after awhile these shingles get heavy LO thank you for writing here


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