Prosecutors May Charge Teen Who Pushed Her Friend Off Bridge

Prosecutors May Charge Teen Who Pushed Her Friend Off Bridge:  Prosecutors in Washington will consider charging an 18-year-old teen who pushed her 16-year-old friend off a bridge in Vancouver, Wash, sending her plummeting 60 feet to the river below and leaving her with several broken ribs, a bruised esophagus and an injured trachea.  My guess is that she will not only be looking at some serious legal issues, but she also faces the possibility of getting unfriended on Facebook.  That said, I fully understand why prosecutors are just “considering” charges.  After all, they don’t wanna just “jump” to conclusions.  And to make matters even worse, I hear the Russian judges only gave the poor girl a 6 for style and form on her jump.

Study Finds More Guns Being Allowed On College Campuses:  A new study found that more colleges and universities nationwide are now permitting students to bring guns onto campus.   Call me old-fashioned, I’m old enough to remember back when students were still carrying books to school - not AK47’s.

Bacon Festival Attendees Lodge Complaints with Maryland Attorney General:  Bacon fans alerted authorities after they allegedly paid $125 for an all-you-can-eat Bacon Music festival and only received just a few strips of bacon.  Festival organizers say the only reason concert goers complained was because someone was “egging” them on.

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