NBC News just released a story about police racial profiling of drivers. The story concerns a national study done by the Stanford Open Policing Project, who released their traffic stop data to NBC. The sample size:

Nearly 100 million stops over 21 states and 29 municipal police departments from 2011 to 2017

The search rate is roughly twice as high for Black and Latino drivers than for White drivers. The searches are for contraband and drugs. However, the rate at which these searches actually turn up contraband or drugs is higher for White drivers (36%) than Black drivers (32%) and far higher than for Latino drivers (26%). 

At least one police department has said that the study doesn’t account for what neighborhood searches are done in, though this objection doesn’t account for one other finding:

The difference between Black and White stops is 5-10% lower at night when the race of the driver can’t be identified. 

In a sample this size, there’s no way around that finding. 

We knew this already, but we’ve seen a lot of people say “Prove it,” that anecdotal evidence isn’t enough. (Even though there is one Hell of a lot of anecdotal evidence, which anyone who spoke with any frequency to both minority and White males would find unavoidable.) 

Here it is in numbers. There’s documented widespread racial differences in traffic searches that are completely contraindicated by the success rates of these searches. In other words, if profiling were to be done justifiably, the numbers clearly indicate that it is White drivers who should be profiled. 

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Comment by Ron Powell on March 15, 2019 at 7:56am

Clear and convincing, incontrovertible and unambiguous proof that the most egregious offense a white person can commit is getting caught....

And, keep this in mind, there are crimes that only white males can commit....

White privilege in the criminal justice system inures to the benefit of white defendants who routinely are given the benefit of the doubt and are reflexively accorded the presumption of innocence...

Comment by J.P. Hart on March 15, 2019 at 11:06am


*copied and pasted here on from my nascent study of The Manchurian Candidate. My perusal commenced as I 'needed to know' what the accolades (descriptors) of the ??Leader?? are as spoken repeatedly by sycophants.

!0! Manchurian Candidate org. premiered in 1962.

file: bamboo straws
file2: Qantas Air
file3: binoculars, GIT MO

Comment by Maui Surfer on March 15, 2019 at 9:39pm

So many white tourists who visit Hawaii ask us for drugs, they want that mythical Hawaiian Marijuana so much, it never stops. Face it, white people do drugs like there is no tomorrow, and now, they have actually been victimized by the pharm firms in hick towns all over the country as well as the big cities where you'd suspect it.

This sounds too racial, but, so many Hispanic drivers in the US are on their way to work there is just no way they are high before performing dangerous tasks for low wages.

Comment by moki ikom on March 16, 2019 at 5:40am

m, i heard say that a while before the mc.carthy-anti-communism-que "War on Drugs" that psychotropic cannabis sales in your archipeligro were a winner.  Twenty plus years ago the herb being one bln more than result of  U.S. Congress century of subsidized sugar plantations profits.  Do you think that's true? 

Comment by Maui Surfer on March 16, 2019 at 9:39am

The "penalty" was a 25 dollar traffic ticket, no arrest, no jail time- until Reagan's election.

Comment by moki ikom on March 16, 2019 at 1:59pm

heard said, you could get an ounce of maui gold for about same, share with anyone and everyone, hike, dive in cold ponds, surf, garden, work, stoned if you wanna be, not if you want, without being stressed out by neighborhood invaders armed for warfare and more, legs out chopper door trying to identify rebel gardeners' plots and individual pots from satellite lens obtained spectral evidence of criminalized gardening to legalize their terror of asset forfeiture... those were the days, heard said in some boxes and rooms without a view. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on March 16, 2019 at 3:29pm

Fairly accurate I concede. The Dems are actually going to decriminalize after the next November win. I don't partake, does not work well with holding your breath under big waves, but, I believe CBD (correct acronym?) is showing great medical signs.

Comment by koshersalaami on March 16, 2019 at 5:04pm

In that respect, smoking is smoking


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