Private First Class Doty's language lessons. Strawbanas [def.- n.=......]

Slickly stalking me to give me those language lessons.

After school Garrett would show up to 'walk me home' and lead me through the experience. 

I was only in junior high.

Take me on this journey with you.

Lead me through your experience.

I went to the Hobby Lobby store once to get airbrush needles.  He was there waiting with them bent laughing that he could do it.  I saw him standing near the gas pumps as I was walking through Schwegler's playground with Shawn B. once.  Shawn said something about Diesel fuel.  Wish I had never dealt with Shawn.

Shawn Bedient was chasing me around campus with his faux stories and I let him know where I lived so he and his buddies could break into my house and get me evicted.

William Chapman who lied about his name and where he was from denied knowing me and gained access to my room via my roommate Steve Faucett.  Lied to my face and told me, "I don't like people like you!" I contested what people like me were to him and he wouldn't state what I was.  Mike Hil and his friends or cousins or whatever they were had a name they yelled at me when Mike figured out who I was in front of Weiner King 8 years earlier. 

William had denied knowing me in the dorm floor meeting and being from Lawrence or knowing me in any way.  He lied straight to my face and then Jeff Lashley asked me if I wanted to go visit him in the hospital after he had his seizure banging his head against my wall.  Lies.  Lashley had been the one that went by my door and laughed as he told the story of how I was typing out my notes and then disappeared into the resident assistant's room.  What they had planned for me and how it was to unfold.   Steve was increasingly intrusive he as an awful roommate.  I liked him at first but then decided it was just because I wanted to like him.  He was at the library when I went there and announced that I was the first one from my dorm floor to make it to the library.  I wondered how he knew this and why he had to announce it to the whole library.  He turned heads wherever he went.  He drew attention to himself in the worst way.  I met a girl named Traci Million because of him.  He was so loud and said something to her as he had been walking next to me and I apologized to her for his actions and we talked a while.  We met up later in time maybe weeks after we had seen each other.  Her friendship was the closest among everyone as the others seemed to already know each other from high school and then by common association with habits, language, character references through media forms.

Traci's description of it was 'God and Guns 'n Roses'  I tried to designate less linear forms of thinking to her and chose to say that most of it falls in the same boat.  I had to agree about Guns 'n Roses and the media forms but God is less of a lesson with people with a message that is falsified.  So you are connected to someone that designates what you do?  Then you are a part of him and not a part of me. 

The duality of the familiar forms of life less explored and then quarter off bitch.

The duality towards less familiar forms of life less explored and designated, categorized, qualified as such.  So to say that I need to try to escape these forms is that why it should be reported differently at any familiar point in time?


Okay meet me near the class and what is on your mind?

Fall in line liar.

That is about what I think of it and not much more.

I could walk to the dorms or I could walk home from grade school and it would all be the same.

Do I see you do anything but threaten me?

Okay, so I would like some airbrush needles.  I will walk to the store knowing you are going to follow me there and around the store and afterward and what do you do?  Oh well, it isn't against the law and you didn't touch me or punch me, but what did you do?  One time a guenon chased me down and bent all the airbrush needles at Hobby Lobby and hid around the corner of an aisle laughing at me.  It was the exact fella that was standing by the gas pumps that Shawn wanted to insinuate something about.  I could tell he was following me.  What is wrong with that you ask?  Oh nothing it is just that I felt I could tell he was doing something wrong.  Kind of like when my checkbook was mailed to me and didn't arrive for 2 1/2 weeks.  It is as though they think I need to deal with this shitbag and ask him for or to do anything after he does that.

Most people don't see a problem with this.  To the extent that four organizations I went to in town after a hospitalization from hallucinating my stalkers insisted a man take care of it and he knew what the problem was.  I guess his church and then so therefore the thought is I need to go work it out with them.  No thanks.  Don't want to waste my time trying to sort out your lies and distinguish what you are really doing.

You have proven to be such a waste of time in the past. 

Go study something yourself.  I will try all on my own and swear I won't want you around for it.

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