I've watched that Morning Joe dude talk about Trumpy's "33% solution", in that Dingleberry's one and only focus is in maintaining his base. Joe gets all vexed and frustrated not understanding why the Idiot-in-Chief doesn't try to expand his support. Seems logical, right? Start with your hardcore supporters then bring in a few other groups and build a coalition. Sounds reasonable.

But he's missing the overall - to borrow a phrase from "All The President's Men". While there are many "i" words associated with our insecure imbecile, the one I never hear is the one most appropriate: Inadequate. President Loser knows he's a loser, believes he can be nothing but a loser, and wages a permanent campaign to cover that up. See, in the mind of the inadequate, his only choice is to keep what he's got because no one knowing the truth could possibly support him. It's 33% or zero.

Let's look at the logic another way. Suppose you were a New York City blowhard braggart, building your ego on being a real estate tycoon in the most glamorous market in the world. That reputation to Donny boy is his reason for living. But it turns out another "i" word - incompetence - dogs you when you can't even make the rigged math of a casino work for you. You're faced with being a laughingstock and thrown into the dustbin of history.

But you decide not to face your reckoning. Foreign countries play fast and loose with the rules more than America does. You even espouse legalizing overseas bribery. You are a desperate, desperate boy! Then you latch onto a money laundering scheme. This you love because it allows for your two favorite pastimes - lying and deceiving - to serve your monetary interests. All the suckers are playing it straight. But clever you beat the system.

Gradually, people start calling you a success again. Just win, baby. You're a big shot on the New York social scene and revered by the little people as a successful businessman. Back on top you start to lose perspective on who you really are. But you're on a runaway train. You can never stop lying, you can never stop deceiving - not even for a second. The alternative is unthinkable.

Especially when you're compromised by a hostile foreign power having a sex tape of you, showing you in all your inadequacy before the world! Wouldn't surprise me the least bit to see pussy Putin release it when he's threw with Donald Duck, if nothing else but to embarrass the US for electing someone so thoroughly pathetic. Now, can you possibly imagine the fear you'd be living in??

Facing jail for you and your family, Russian hookers peeing on your head, reviled and repulsed around the world permanently. You would go down as one the most disgraced public figures in history. My, you are a clever boy!

Put in that "No one can possibly love me" perspective, Trumpy's behavior makes perfect sense. Lie like a maniac, stir the pot, throw verbal bombs, do anything to deflect. His insatiable craving for others to humiliate themselves around him stands to reason because he doesn't want to go down alone. He needs to denigrate all of America. Like Hitler's sick henchman, we see the craven souls who cooperate in this endeavor. They too will be branded onto the pages of history as traitors and psychotics (Hi Sarah Huckabee!).

Who knows how this will end. How many of us have truths we want to avoid. My favorite hope is he has a Scarface moment, where one instance of humanity is his undoing. [Scarface refuses to do a hit for a fellow drug lord once he sees children will be killed. That drug lord then takes him out.] In the meantime, damage is being done and lives lost. Unfortunately, there won't be any Nuremberg trials to sort this out later.

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Comment by cheshyre on January 16, 2018 at 11:33am

Who wants to lay odds on the most corrupt President in history spending a day in jail?

Comment by moki ikom on January 16, 2018 at 12:32pm

“ … all vexed and frustrated not understanding why the Idiot-in-Chief doesn't try to expand his support. Seems logical, right? Start with your hardcore supporters then bring in a few other groups and build a coalition. Sounds reasonable.”

Reasonable as long as viability is not a rubric in logic involved to get there to be that illogical/not logical presumptions have a free ticket to embrace Truth on the stage of Humanity.

But face it, he is our idiot, not Norway’s, Haitiians’, or any african peoples’ idiot for that matter.  He is more American than our famous apple pie, city cowboys and showgirls.

It’s more logical that trump like bannon can successfully switch to bear standards for the left as the standards they had a huge role bearing when not creating from whole cloth are being so rudely ripped by the right from their existential embrace.

The left could use a couple useful idiots on its liferaft, pull ‘em onboard and when the sharks come it’ll be well understood that they will have to be first ones if need be to sacrifice to sharks to save the raft.

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 16, 2018 at 1:27pm

Are you beginning research for a Biography of the Confederate Yankee? If so, so far, so good. Spot on.

Comment by Tom Cordle on January 16, 2018 at 10:23pm

First off, let me say that while I give Joe points for speaking out, I do so while remembering that not so long ago he was part of the problem. It is important to keep in mind that the Repugnant Party has been trading on racism since the Sixties. The vile Southern Strategy began with welcoming in defecting Dixiecrat DINOs, and it continued with Nixon's Silent Majority, Reagan Democrats, Daddy Bush's Willie Horton dogwhistles, Junior Bush and Rove's Welfare Reform, and it has now reached its zenith/nadir with Donald's Deplorables. The ugly truth is that a substantial portion of the electorate – something close to your 33%, I'd say – remains a racist cancer in the body politic.

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 16, 2018 at 10:58pm

So true Tom, but it actually started in the fifties when Truman integrated the Military and the rest of the scum supported school segregation, etc. until we could, all who were decent, take it no more. The fight began numerically, and now, as you say, it is about one third of the scum who are deplorable pieces of excrement. Sadly, they pull closer to fifty percent with the relatives and spouses and children they intimidate when voting time comes around. But, this is their the last hurrah for these monsters, the Nixon leftovers who are going to die angry for no reason, with their only final victory a vote for one of the worst humans on the planet, the Confederate Yankee.

Comment by Tom Cordle on January 17, 2018 at 9:52am

With some of these voters, I don't think it's intimidation, so much as it is habit/tradition. The Vote Gap is also a product of ignorance and racism, as well as voter suppression, including gerrymandering, stringent voter ID laws, and hundreds of thousands of convicted felons who are denied the vote, despite having served their time. Perversely, the law, in its infinite majesty, doesn't prevent those people from running for office.

All that said, one has to keep in mind that tRump actually lost by nearly three million votes. tRump's "victory" was a product of the worst vestige of the Founder's fear of the public. Whatever argument there may have once been for the Electoral College, it proved in this case that it clearly wasn't up to the task of providing a hedge against voter stupidity. There is nothing democratic about, and simply no justification for, a Electoral vote in Wyoming being worth 4 times an Electoral vote in California.


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