President Trump Speaks to the President of US Virgin Islands

President Trump Speaks to the President of US Virgin Islands:  President Trump turned some heads recently when he told attendees of a Values Voter Summit in Washington that he had just spoken to the president of US Virgin Islands,” which would actually be himself.  One thing’s for sure, I’ll bet it didn’t take the President of the US Virgin Islands very long to figure out whether President Trump would score higher on an IQ test than Secretary of State Tillerson.

Kim Kardashian Claims She's Suffering From Body Dysmorphia:  Kim Kardashian recently complained on her reality show that all those people body shamming her are giving her “body dysmorphia.”  Gee, if that’s the case, its a good thing she’s not one of those people who’s constantly posting half-nude photos of herself all over the internet.

Feline Mayor of Alaska Town Dies at Age 20:  Stubbs the cat, who was elected mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska in a write-in campaign way back in 1998, has died at the age of 20.  My sympathies go out to the cat and the local townsfolk, but come on - this is a serious conflict of interest to put a cat in charge of the city’s dog catchers.

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