Dems/Libs Supplying New Sources of Wind Energy
Whether it be Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, or Michael Moore, there is enough twisting in the wind to eclipse solar.
Let’s start with this Quixotic effort to persuade members of the electoral college to betray their pledge to vote for their respective constituencies’ choice for president. Fortunately, these delegates understand that no one voted for them per personam, and that their sole function is to implement the vox populi of those that voted for a candidate they’re there to represent. This exercise in futility will come to an inglorious end next Monday, when the electoral college will perform its job.
Then we have the effort of Hillary Clinton, a former First Lady who has failed in her successive attempts to reach the next rung. With her usual aplomb, she seeks to blame her inglorious defeat on, let’s see, the FBI and the MSM (sic).
The most pompous expression of Her Thighness’ epic disappointment is that the exposure of some emails from and between her and Podesta was a Russian attack upon America, its election process, and, get ready, democracy itself. Reality check: there is no evidence that anyone—Assange, Putin, or the Republicans—did anything but expose to the public emails, the genuineness of which has never been contested. No stealing of voting machines, no drugging of voters or their counters, no nada. This effort to inflate information into systematic voting corruption is a prime example of how Clinton and her advisors can obfuscate by linguistic and logical debasement.
Fortunately, Trump has not only a big tent but also a big umbrella to protect him from the juvenile attempts to piss on his jubilant parade.
So while Trump is triumphing with thundering thousands around the country, Hillary is holed up with a precious and frustrated few in a swanky New York dining room doing her level best to lay off her epic defeat on any cause other than herself.
Meanwhile, back at the White House, Michelle is taking a break from packing by giving us another update on the state of her emotions. Eight years ago, we heard about the state of her revived pride; now hope is due for an update. It seems that as a result of the recent election, she’s been deprived of it. Has she looked at the stock market lately? Has she taken the temperature of the American public, which is salivating at the prospect of being released from the stranglehold that her husband’s collectivist policies have imposed upon the country?
Although these pathetic and pathological reactions to unexpected defeat are interesting from a clinical point of view, they are transitory distractions from the basic message that America is now free at last, thank God Almighty, we’re free at last.

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