everything happens at a point in time
you can’t go forward or back.
you have to stay in the decision you made,
and frozen in time, it stays that

as each moment approaches,
you can only open your eyes.
attune your soul and your body,
and always be prepared for surprise.

you cannot account for others
or what their decisions may be
you can only stand your own footing
and be willing to go where that leads

some are attuned to the inner
and some are attuned without
but in your own self is your refuge,
the place where you needn’t doubt

some speak of all or nothing
yet others say be like me
you have to look past the blather
to get to where you want to be

for only your own assertions
will yield your own results
be willing to let life develop
and be guided by your thoughts

swallow your ego’s wishes
and let the others play
for your path will only flourish
if you allow them to have their say

always mind the goal you are after
always keep your own counsel within
it will free you to see what you’re seeking
and allow you to be a great friend

you have no control over what might remain
in the beauty of your own wake
an ounce of entrusting to others
gives back tonnage to your own stake

some will stay, and yes, some will leave
as they might shun the glare of this light
so let them awake in their own due time
your own victory lies in this sight.



A Reminder of This Lesson from my Spirit Girl

@ Septober, 2017, I have learned to never curse another's regard;

only to bless what ever it was that they were drawn to you For.

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