I am a true son of New Jersey, hence I love the shore.  Our shore - the Jersey Shore.  A place we know well, and love whether it is cold and rainy, or warm and foggy - or maybe the skies are clear blue.  We even love it after a summer thunder storm, when a lightning strike blows the power in one of our under powered shore towns.  

Our town can be Seaside Park or Point Pleasant, or Belmar or any of the many small towns that dot New Jersey’s craggy perimeter. 

The only time during his unfortunate tenure that our fat governor was not lying was when, after Super Storm Sandy, he expressed the wish to rebuild.  And admitted his undying love of the shore.  Yes, for a brief moment, Governor Christie was NOT lying.  

I spent my morning driving down, taking pictures, then driving back.  My object was Asbury Park.  Once a gem, later a slum, now on the rebound.  

Enjoy my album too.  

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