Poetic justice for the big game "hunters"

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Comment by Arthur James on November 17, 2017 at 6:23am


I Use a pair

of scissors and save

with Caution?

Cation? Some  sketches

because my Grand Children

Doodle Draw. WUMO is

A FAVORITE, AND oops... If I


Can't Figure What in the

HECK Tarnation is WUMO

trying to Convey? WUMO'S

Drawings Are HILARIOUS.


Secret Service protecting

Trump and sons are

caught egging the

White House


Don Trump No

Knows How to

Change? His

son;s flat tire

on trip to the

Zoo to feed

Peanuts to





Comment by Arthur James on November 17, 2017 at 8:24am


A Fun Farmer Green Harvester 

told me Elephants can recall

Years Ago... Before The Cute

Beast was Born... The Poaching


He told me ` bogy? `Bout a

Short Story` The Most

Dangerous Game `

A Young Boy Fall From a Boat

and Swims Ashore. The Island

Inhabitants  Only Hunt Hans?

Human Beings For False Teeth?

I Embellished His Story. Sigh




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