Piranha-Like Fish Fossil Discovered in Germany

Piranha-Like Fish Fossil Discovered in Germany:  Researchers say they’ve discovered an ancient Piranha-like fish in Germany - a fish that would have been capable of ripping the flesh right off the bones of its prey.  Scientists say these finds are normally rather difficult to date, but luckily - the fish was found wrapped in a very old New York Times crossword puzzle section, so they just dated it using that.



Amazon Rolls Out Whisper Mode for Alexa:  Amazon is rolling out its “Whisper Mode” for all its Alexa products - with the smart assistant responding in kind to your whispered commands.  This whisper feature is expected to be extremely useful to protect the confidentiality of people sooooo stupid that they have to ask Alexa questions such as “who is the President of Puerto Rico?” or “can the baby get pregnant if a woman has sex with a man during pregnancy?” 


Climate Change Expected to Take Toll on Barley Used to Make Beer:  The barley used today in the making of beer is expected to take a huge hit as the climate worsens, making your favorite lager, ale or IPA possibly more scarce and definitely more pricey.  While I’m certainly no paleontologist, I’m guessing that’s exactly what may have happened to all the dinosaurs.  Climate change heated up the planet, killed off most of the barley and these big guys, being huge beer drinkers - just couldn’t live without their beer.

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