You're in a role playing a twisted part
You knew it was insane from the very start
But it's life and you're on center stage
Just a victim of other people's rage,

Trying to stretch meaning out of it all
You're in an aircraft that's about to stall
You just responded to another dysfunctional call
There's always pride before the fall,

The one act play so full of lies
Sharing a world of hypocrites who deny
When you left I only asked why
No turning back you were always sly,

Facing a world full of deception
And all of you are pretenders at the reception
Wavering over your immaculate conceptions
Forgive me for this moment of clear perception.

The night is out there so placid and dark
My love you left me and left your mark
Brush strokes on a canvass so stark
Reject me, I was just on a lark,

The realization that the world can't go on
Evil in humanity that we feast upon
The echoes of madness just before dawn
The crows who landed on my lawn,

Unlike man's first footfalls on the moon
Unlike the reality you continually impugn
Unlike a life that for some ends too soon
Unlike this life given to you that you ruined.

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