Passionate Justice Season 6 Episode 10 INSIDE RAPE-CULTURE (Lorraine Berry); THE KILLING WORKS (Gary Justice); IMMIGRATION CAMPS: A CHILD HAS DIED Much More ...(incl Kosh)

. The Ideal Citizen of Totalitarian Rule

. 5 August 2018 > The Day He Announced His Guilt

. The % of Republicans Pleased to Have Him "Shut the Media Down"

. The President's Metastasizing War on LGTBQ Citizens

. Playing the Victim & The Evangelization of Foreign Policy

. Immigrant Detention & the Summer Sun: A Toddler Has Died

. Q-Anon: The Latest Lunatic Deep-State Sex-Swamp Viral Conspiracy

. India Elaine's Justice: Are You Asleep?

. LIT-SNIPS Essay: On White Reaction to Black Resistance (Kosh)
Poetry: The Night Unfolds; She Controls the Ambien & I'm OK with That;
I Never did get Back to Topeka (Mike Jurkovic)
Memoir: The Killing Works (Gary Justis)

. PJ Throwback: Give Domestic Violence Victims Free Lawyers (Melissa Jeltsyn)

. Brock Turner is Everywhere: What It's Like to Live Inside Rape-Culture 
(Lorraine Berry)....and.... Brock Turner's (Rejected) Appeal: "He Only Wanted 'Outer-Course'"

. Call-and-Response: Blood on the Newsroom Floor...& on the President's Hands
(Brett Stephens' NYT Excerpt)

. PJ Throwback: Daniel Schultz in 'Religion Dispatches': Why Do Evangelicals, More than Other Americans, Say Divorce Based on Spousal Abuse is Sin?

. Anti-Nazi White Rose Heroines of 1942: Leaflet 4; The White Rose in the 21st Century...A Model for Your Resistance, Now


Music Used in The Killing Works by Gary Justis
(Night Sky) Epic Blast Radius
(Galaxy Wind) Epic Blast Radius
(Moon Lake) Epic Blast Radius
Epic Blast Radius
Epic Blast Radius


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