It took a very long time for A to find B,

and possibly even longer for A with B to get to C,

then D shadowed, and along came easy E,

F hurried, G stumbled, and before you know it,

H pushed, I shoved, J fell, K and L bullied,


doormen and bouncers hired,

and hooked red velvet guest rope installed.

M and N showed legs and other stuff,

O accommodated, P arrived peeing and puking,

Q wandered in by mistake,


R flashed cash, S slid unscathed,

T grinned teeth, U did what?

V spread, W wowed,

and the rest, X, Y, Z,

is history.


If death is nothing, why fear it?

Is it the indifference of nothingness that disturbs the living?

All the energy and effort spent?

Unfinished business? Dead silence?

Or is it the tickle on skin of summer breeze?


Astonishing possibilities?

Privilege of existence?

There are moments when I

almost do it,

a very fragile brink, I want to


call, see, be with her so bad.

No matter what, I miss,

adore her intelligence, sense of humor, moods, body, beauty.


If death is nothing, why fear it?


Eyes perceive

group of young men approaching

momentary assumptions of danger

passes as inner fear and distrust

process high-spirited partying.


Z: “This is confusing. Put your thoughts in order.”

Y: “But there is no true order.”

Z: “Before you speak another word,

      what you got to bring to the table?

      Money? Property? Prestige?”

Y: “I offer poetry, ash drawings, new architecture.”

Z: “Lay it on the line, you faggot, or be punished!”

Y: “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Z:  “Burn this dickwad on a stake,

       then eat remains.”


Fuckhole runs in pleading for dickwad’s life,

but it’s too late.

Fuckhole sits chewing charred flesh at table.

Biscuits get passed around vigorously.

No talk about death.


A: “Who’s the one?”

B: “You are, Daddy.”

A: “But I’m just a tiny force of nature.”

B: “Let’s go see about C.”

A: “Am I not enough for you?”


C: “What and where is love?

      Is it an illusion

      I strive for an impossible chance

      When will we find each other?

      Will I feel belonging?”






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