The elderly gentleman who greets us shoppers as we enter Walmart props himself stooped-upright with a cane.  He leans slightly forward on it, right hand placed on top of the left hand placed on the cane’s curve-handled head.  When he’s not greeting, I see him in an electric shopping cart.  He must hurt, standing there good-morning everyone.  His greetings must be pained greetings.  I make it a point to walk over and good-morning him back; too often, far too often, his salutations are ignored or given only a glancing, drive-by return.  I like that Walmart hired him.   I dislike that Walmart makes him stand there, bent and gaunt.  I feel doubled every time the double double-doors swoosh open and I see him there.  I feel tripled, really, for then I wonder why I’ve gone and made this about me.


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Comment by alsoknownas on June 17, 2014 at 9:27am

Did you ask the greeter how he feels about you? Might help you get out of your own head for a bit.

Comment by James Mark Emmerling on June 17, 2014 at 10:12am

ha ha that AKA can really be funny sometimes. Ask the greeter how he feels about u!!

How would THAT go?

Greeter: "Sir, I find u to be a man of deep sensitivity, what my  old daddy called 'a gentleman and a scholar' heh heh heh" , chuckling in that pleasantly creepy old man cackling way, which makes me think they are half insane. Maybe

the greeter has a good prescription plan & gets some kind of opium based pain killer?

I wish I did.

As it is I get benzodiazapenes for my nerves..

I got a lot of them, and they are all quivering.

If I had to stand there and greet walmart shoppers I would try to educate people about something, really!

Maybe I would talk about this I.S.I..S crew of gangsters, and how they fit into the ongoing (since the 10th century) war of the Abrahamic Religions.

Comment by Arthur James on June 17, 2014 at 10:31am



You practicing?

Ya's a `greeter?


You gonna be a` curmudgeonly

'our salon` ` 1 ' who annoys?

You git` gig ' Hear for` staining?

No? Ya's be ` standing ` sneering?

You practice ` Mirror ' ` snarling?


I consider a ` Greeter at ` Milk Parlor.

AS milk goat ` Utters ' waddle into ` stall?

I ask` Full ' Utters ' to go to the ` Left stall.

Dry wrinkled ` teats' can go to a ` Right stall?


IF Ya's walk via ` green meadows ' toss stones.

Place big stoners ` in groundhog's ' ground holes?

Then, honchos . ` be preventing ` hedgehogs, huh?

I mean? Gophers ` no giggle ill ' IF ` folk fall in hole?


IT nor fun to Visit ` VAMC's ' ER ` Stall? Ask? Can Ya's

be placed on the non` HIDDEN ' MOCK` Wait List, huh?

gushy. twist & shout` YODEL ' ODE TO ` Joy ' by Back.

` gads

` Zeus

` zoo

` Walmart don't put ` TROJAN '

` Condom Rubbers in` Cereal '

Section. That's Reason to ` Yodel?

YAHOO~HO HO HAY AK! ` hoe...

Do folk Here ever feel ` superfluous?

` Police?

` Please?

` Lure Who?


I Hope You-

Jerry DeNuccio -

and not ` Otters?

No. Others ` Stay...



just pimps, deleters, adds,

and thosee with ` schizo's '

several avatars will` remain...

Jeremiad '

` You not...

` Confusing...

` ~

James M. E.

also known as?

He got secret crush?

I forgot what I was?

I forgot my IDEA?


A GOV Helper said:

` Beware of Trojans.

I said ` " I no Use, and

I feel ` itchy ' IF I don

a Rubber ` Condom '

She was way ` OUT '

There? She ask ` IF '

I knew ` bout` Trojans?


I said I just think ` Condoms '

are itchy... I No Use ` Rubbers '

and keep clothes on in ` hay stack.


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