Over 300 Priests Involved in Pennsylvania Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Over 300 Priests Involved in Pennsylvania Catholic Church Sex Abuse:  According to a sweeping grand jury report, more than 300 Catholic priests across Pennsylvania sexually abused children over seven decades, protected by a hierarchy of church leaders who covered it up.  Excuse me, but what the hell do you expect from an institution founded on Peter?


Blood Pressure Medication Recalled Because it Causes Cancer:  An FDA investigation has triggered a recall of over 50 different medications which contain a drug called Valsartan that has been known to cause cancer.  No big deal, the drug company also offers a cancer medication they can sell you.  On a positive note - if someone got cancer, I guess it would effectively resolve their blood pressure issue.


New Robot Named Cheetah Breaks Speed Record:  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency says a new robot they call “Cheetah,” is capable of running 18mph - a record for a machine with legs.  Meanwhile, skeptics want the robot tested for performance-enhancing software.

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Comment by koshersalaami on August 15, 2018 at 5:31am

Let’s see, over three hundred priests involved over a seventy year period. Averaged, that’s four sexually active with children every year since 1948, keeping in mind that this is a count of priests, not victims and certainly not incidents. 

And that’s only in one state. Let’s assume for the Hell of it that the density of dioceses that have tolerated this over this period is constant across the US - a statement which contains the possibility that any dioceses didn’t, which I’m not well enough informed to know. That wouldn’t be a multiplier of fifty because Pennsylvania was presumably well above the halfway population point, which was way more true seventy years ago than today, as this was before the population explosion in the Sun Belt and when northeastern/Great Lakes American industry was at its peak. (Shit, as late as the sixties my father worked for a company that manufactured television antennas in Brooklyn.) However we figure this, that’s one Hell of a lot of priests sexually active with children, way into the thousands. 

We know what happened at Penn State due to a secular case of this. What would happen if that were normally the scale of reaction?

Comment by Johnny Robish on August 15, 2018 at 7:26am

I was a "victim" of one of their priests at the Ohio Catholic hospital where I delivered newspapers room-to-room as a preteen.  I never had a desire to sue them, but I do find it rather astonishing that ANYONE would even want to be affiliated with this organization in 2018 - given their centuries-old track record. 

Comment by koshersalaami on August 15, 2018 at 7:33am

If it’s really faith based people aren’t necessarily looking at it as affiliation. Plus you’ve got the ethnic and community components. For example, going from Irish Catholic to Irish Protestant in any form has a lot of implications. Not quite that easy to get out. 


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