These are the programs currently presented on OUR SALON RADIO.
We're adding more programs each month and several new shows are scheduled to begin soon, including "Global Feminist Perspectives", and we hope to add a spoken word performance program, a sports and martial arts program, and an eclectic offering from a community radio station in Cambridge, England. 
 (full schedule at url above)
(All times, below, are in Pacific Time.)
If you've an idea for a program, or, if you want to offer a program yourself, be in touch!

Born In The Bronx & Nilesite Writes Passionate Justice & Lit Snips The Counter & Major League Talk Thee Political Goose Chase Show The Hudson Valley Howl JMac's Palace Of Memories Conscious Connecting T15 Minutes Of Funny
Half Empty, Half Full Consumer Advocacy Radio Show The Healthy Cannabist Citizen Sovereignty Viviendo En Transicion / Living In Transition Sustainable Leadership Jeff Carlson's Heartland America The Bottom Line TThe Mental Health & Wellbeing Show


Born In The Bronx and Nilesite Writes Each 15 minute show is hosted by Anne Born ~  Pilgrim, writer, photographer, author of A Marshmallow on the Bus and Prayer Beads on the Train. My writing focuses on family and life in a big city after growing up in a small one. My work has appeared on Open Salon, Red Room, and as a feature in non-fiction on Wattpad. I am a contributing writer at The Broad Side and Hostel Geeks. I am also an amateur photographer who specializes in photos of churches, cemeteries, and the Way of St. James in Spain. Most of my writing is done on a New York City bus or subway train. You can follow me on WattpadInstagram and Twitter.  

Born In The Bronx airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 3PM Pacific Time Zone

Nilesite Writes airs every Sunday and Friday at 10AM Pacific Time Zone


Passionate Justice ~ since 2013 ~    The weekly hour speaks proudly to the broad array of national and international social justice issues, movements, activism, showcasing our very best contemporary writers. 'Passionate Justice' is an ongoing, upbeat pulse of hundreds of unique voices, essayists, columnists, and poets you need to hear. And your voice can be among them! Share your work, comments or suggestions by emailing me here:   You can also follow Passionate Justice on Twitter.   

Passionate Justice airs every Saturday at Noon Pacific and repeats on Wednesday at Noon Pacific.

Lit Snips with Jonathan Wolfman ~Join Jonathan Wolfman each week to hear excerpts from classic and modern literature, short stories, essays, poems, histories...and for occasional readings from some of our finest contemporary writers in their own voices, in performance!

Lit Snips airs every Tuesday at 11AM Pacific Time Zone and then repeats on Thursday at 11AM Pacific


The Counter ~ With Robin and Jay ~ Formerly homeless, J Sullivan and Robin Sneed talk about their experiences on the street and in shelters. They started The Counter, a not for profit organization that empowers people to cook at home using all beautiful food stamp and food bank ingredients. On The Counter Radio Show, they talk about current topics from their unique perspective and their mutual passion, baseball. Their cookbook, The Safewire and Uber Counter Cookbook will be available by the end of the year along with Robin's other books, The American Daughter and Notes on Transience.  Learn how to make meals for pennies, win baseball cards, and learn how to get involved with your local food bank!

The Counter airs every Tuesday at 2PM Pacific Time Zone and then repeats Thursday at 2PM Pacific. 


The Political Goose Chase ~   Host Barry Piatt describes the weekly, half hour, Political Goose Chase Radio Show as “a thinking voter’s guide to American politics.”

    “If you like radio shows that make you mad or that manufacture enemies for you to hate, I’m probably not the show for you,” he says. “My goal is not to make you mad. My goal is to make you think.”

Piatt, has a lifetime of experience observing politics close up, as a political reporter, and as a top level Capitol Hill, congressional and presidential campaign message strategist.

He’s also been through the Iowa Presidential Precinct Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary as a top communications aid, and set up Dick Gephardt’s winning campaign organization in the 1988 Iowa Democratic Presidential Precinct Caucuses.

    Based in Washington, D.C., the program features Piatt’s thoughtful commentary, and often includes interviews or discussions with close observers or those active on the front lines of today’s most pressing issues, on the campaign trail and in Congress.

    The show also features delightful, but little known, tidbits from history in a light hearted feature called “Bet You Didn’t Know!”

     The Political Goose Chase Radio Show offers a political pro’s perspective, heard nowhere else, in a way that is not only informative, but fun.

The Political Goose Chase Radio Show airs every Saturday at 1PM Pacific Time Zone and then repeats on Wednesday at 1PM Pacific



The Hudson Valley Howl ~ This is the HOWL in the VALLEY!  Aware of the beauty that surrounds us, we are also aware of its fragility under the corporate structure.  Aware of the beauty that human beings are capable of, we are also aware how entrenched systems of inhumanity are supported by the very same human beings who are capable of such beauty. 

In this half hour, the poetry of marina mati, your host, expresses the "psychic journey," to quote Octavio Paz, of someone living in this country, in this time.  marina will open each podcast with the work of a poet known or unknown, who lives or has lived in the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Valley Howl airs every Monday at 6PM Pacific Time Zone and repeats onThursday at 6PM Pacific


JMac's Palace Of Memories ~ Unlike the fictional geniuses Hannibal Lecter or Sherlock Holmes I lack the intelligence and mental discipline necessary to properly construct an organized Palace of Memory.  Rather than a visually elegant European edifice, my brain stores most of my memories in the dusty attic of an abandoned three story brick farmhouse with a leaky roof.  I believe it’s modeled after my father’s family home in rural Indiana, but I’ll get back to that later.

JMac's Palace Of Memories airs every Friday at 10:30 Pacific Time and repeats on Wednesday at 10:30 Pacific.



Conscious Connecting ~ Join Delia Yeager as you explore ways for you to connect with the true power of your Spirit-self, clarify your own truth, and get the guidance, perspective, and tools you need in the process of changing your life to reflect who and what you want to be. 

Conscious Connecting airs every Friday at 5PM Pacific and then repeats the following Tuesday at 5PM Pacific.



15 Minutes Of Funny

15 minutes of comedy  from a variety of comedians,

George Carlin,  Bill Hicks, Chris Rock, Demetri Martin and many more.

Take a comedy break and add some laughter to your day!



Half Empty, Half Full Consumer Advocacy Radio Show~ Laurie Zoock owns Credit Education Consultantsand is an expert in consumer credit.and a non-attorney consumer advocate. Laurie wants to help you, the consumer, become smarter faster by becoming better educated. Laurie will cover assorted topics on this show. Be pro-active and avoid fraud! Half Empty, Half Full on Facebook.

Half Empty, Half Full Consumer Advocacy Radio Show airs every Monday at 3PM Pacific Time Zone and repeats on Friday at 3PM Pacific


The Healthy Cannabist ~ activist Sally Hall, invites you to explore the array of societal, medical, legal, and philosophical relationships we have with cannabis

The Healthy Cannabist airs every Wednesday at 4:20PM Pacific Time Zone and then repeats on Saturday at 4:20PM Pacific.

Citizen Sovereignty ~ Host Ben Turek, analyzes of current events in light of classical and contemporary approaches to history, public policy, and his own unique and youthful perspective.

Citizen Sovereignty airs every Monday at 9AM Pacific Time Zone and then repeats on Wednesday at 9AM Pacific


Living In Transition  Long-time radio show host, Zoila Fajardo, a Nicaraguan in America, explores how people effectively manage change in all aspects of their lives.

Viviendo En Transicion ~ Mucho tiempo Zoila Fajardo fue anfitiron de radio en Nicaragua, ahora en America, explora como las personas manajen el cambio effectivamente en todos los aspectos de sus vidas.



Sustainable Leadership ~ Focusing on the three C's - calming, creative, and caring - of leadership, Raz Mason shares a mix of insights into leadership principles from various methodologies, plus interviews leaders who exemplify these traits. The show has a special emphasis on "local leaders" in government, schools, socially responsible businesses, nonprofits, and community groups. The message is that all of us can become more effective leaders in whatever relationship networks we find ourselves.


Jeff Carlson's Heartland America ~ Minnesota author, Jeff Carlson, presents the critical issues facing our Heartland and offers solutions from which the entire nation can benefit.


The Bottom Line with Shai Franklin

Shai has served with numerous non-governmental organizations, including the World Jewish Congress, NCSEJ(formerly the National Conference on Soviet Jewry), American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), United Nations Watch, and the Anti-Defamation League; as Senior Fellow with the Institute on Religion and Public Policy; and as Treasurer of the UN-affiliated Conference of Non-Governmental Organizations (CoNGO).

 Shai has led or coordinated advocacy efforts relating to numerous governments, intergovernmental and international organizations, and civil society worldwide. He has implemented accountability and best practices for several non-profits, upgraded Board engagement and hands-on leadership development, organizing policy events across America, Europe, the former Soviet Union, South Asia, and the Middle East.

 Shai has appeared  on Al JazeeraShalom TV, Israel Radio, and Argentina's C5N. He contributes regular columns in The Huffington Post and Times of Israel, and was ranked number-eight on JTA's list of the "100 Most Influential Jewish Twitter Users."

The Bottom Line airs every Tuesday at 2:30PM Pacific Time Zone and repeats on T

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