OS Comments Thread: Placebostudman: a Personal Shrine #2

This is really lovely, and a fine tribute.

(I mentioned him in my last blog, as there was a connection to something I was writing about. He definitely made a huge impression on me and so many others.)
Beautiful, PW! Studman, we miss ya, bubba.
Yes. We miss him. Very much.
I miss Ryan very much. A wonderful post and idea.
Fusun: wish I could be there at St. Joseph's today with you at my side, my friend.

TME: Such a lovely addition to our comments scene here. i don't know how to thank you for sharing this beauty with everybody visiting. Maybe this is his time to touch Earth with his presence so we all here might grow closer together. What fitting words you have so generously shared...... 

Blue: I'm glad you came by. He touched so many lives--more than I suppose I can comprehend. I knew he was frail, altho' just how frail was beyond my thoughts to comprehend. For many of us here it was a real jolt to find that he had already gone, that his funeral was over. Not that there wasn't a grim reality I think we each shared. Each time he left us for a while, there was a pensive hope he might soon be back among us. I don't think he ever intended to leave so soon.

Jeanette: i'll come by after a bit to view your work. And thank you for stopping by.

Matt: Indeed. Indeed.

sweetfeet: Just touching how many of us remember him fondly.......
Scylla: Thank you. On this day of our observance of the dead, it seemed not only fitting, but important, to let stud have his way with the events of the day.
I am sitting here bawling. I have started writing a post about Ry half a dozen times and wind up in tears every time. I MISS my friend... I MISS his humour... I MISS our political discussions... I MISS his advice on how to handle things with Mari's SB... 

My Mari misses him as much as I do...
Checking back before bed---

Mrs. Raptor: I hope I haven't upset you unduly. If we bawl together, maybe we can connect on a deep enough level to where our friend becomes more present to us both. I guess you knew him best of all among his friends on OS. Bless you for giving him such a fine and caring friend as companion online. And bless your Mari whose SB I'm sure Ry was more than supportive for. Take care.
Good night, all.
comments will be closed from now until whenever I can be online in the mid to late morning (MST).
Thank you for joining me here. I hope Ry was pleased by his turnout. I know I have been moved deeply by this outpouring of affection for our beloved friend.

Peace, all.
Take care, all
I've reopened comments so that others ready to share what Ryan's time had meant for them here may do so.

Thank you all for attending.
A beautiful shrine indeed!!!!

Thank you, Tink. It is my hope he will have been pleased by the content.
I considered him a friend and I miss him
This would make him so happy, PW. I do miss him so. His name is still on my friends list because I can't bear to delete it. (Even if I knew how.)
He had a sharp wit and knew how to use it.
I miss the Stud. I miss his posts here.
I cried when I got back here online and saw he was gone.
I cannot stop the tears here right now....
bobbot: Thank you for sharing with us here today. I'm sure we can all relate to the way you must be missing his presence here.

Lezlie: (the waterworks going again!) I actually had to delete his name from that list at one of my blogs because I kept mistakenly sending him notices about my work. It was quite unconscious of me, but it needed to be stopped. I cried twice during the letting go of his name. I almost didn't go thru with it. (The process of "removing from favorites" is never pleasant anyway.) I'm sure he's remembering you quite fondly as well. You tend to appreciate people freely for who they are, and not for who you would like them to be for you. That's an honest trait I know Ry could stand behind.

Mission: it is hard to lose touch only to find out after all's said and one that a friend has passed. Be careful of your heart today. I know he doesn't want anybody to suffer unduly over the loss of his presence here. Bless you, dearie. You must miss him terribly.
I need some down time here, people. i suddenly feel quite poorly. Inexplicable, how this may happen at any time. A regular bore....
I will check back with one and all later on.
A heartfelt sendoff, PW. I regret not knowing him.
Leon: Thank you for joining his friends here in celebrating his vision of the future--which included care for everyone.
Oh yeah, he was fine by me.Thx for this.
I didn't see this until now. It is beautiful and maybe we can add a soccer ball sometime. He loved soccer. xoxo Ryan.
Thank you Lady. Blessings to you and prayers for this young man to rest in peace.

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