OS Comments Thread: Placebostudman: a Personal Shrine #1

I was not familiar with this blogger--but what a beautiful idea--a virtual ofrenda!
Hi guys.
it's all about Ryan. It's his journey, after all.
Kenny1948: I miss him much more than I'd ever presumed I could or would. it's interesting how some folks simply do that to the people they leave behind.....
Really nice Poor Woman..:)
Bauhaus.. I am impressed..:)
rated with hugs
This was a classy tribute for a classy guy and yeah...I miss him and his sense of humor so very much too.
Linda: It's a group I knew some about already, but it's a favorite of Ryan's, so I included it. 

Everything I included had significance to his time here. His love of Placebo's music is the obvious inference to draw. His other tastes are there for all to see, through his blog, which still contains everything he wrote here.

Tor:"Classy guy." Yep. That was our studman. His sense of humor is greatly missed by yours truly as well.
I find Ry in my thoughts here and there and I realise he did good in heightening my awareness about the struggles and the level of medical care given to those with disabilities.

Seeing this from you today is lovely, PW. Thank you. I miss Ry more than I realised too.
And KD Lang singing Hallelujah .... just beautiful. A favourite of mine too.
He was one of my first OS friends. Rest in Peace!
Beautiful concept and execution, Poorwoman. What else to say...
This is remarkably lovely and I am so glad you did this and shared it with all of us. He did leave a mark here, and he is missed.
Dear Poor Woman, thank you for this lovely tribute. I did not know placebostudman but I do now thanks to you. I have been reading some of his posts and if you want to know how perfect this tribute is, go back and read his posts dated Nov.1 and Nov. 2 2009. As someone who is today remembering her own disabled brother, this was especially poignant for me. Thank you and peace to you Ryan! R
I turned the sound down off the wheelchair ramp jump and watched it as K.D. Lang sang and cried. I do miss my friend. I hope to one day to have a Wienerschnitzel and a beer with my man. Thank you for doing this!
Here, here.... I miss the cranky old shit! (a LOT!)
Little Kate: Our stud was the realest one man advocacy program for those of us in need I think i'll ever meet. 
kd lang's version of this beautiful tune is one of her finest. Just thrillingly done--so beautiful.

zanelle: Our personal struggles drew us together, he and I. We welcomed each other's input, feedback, even support. he was a good person. And the struggle won't be over until there are enough of us banded together to require that our government gives where it counts, not to some god of the easy finance wheel and deal magnate.

fernsy: It's all for him today.

Sheila: There's nobody else here quite like him. A special person indeed.

Antoinette: I'm so thankful you've found some solace in the reviewing of Ryan's life through his work. In your own world, a brother's loss can be keenly felt. perhaps it would be a fine idea to introduce us to the life struggle of your brother here at some point when you're ready.

scanman: Wienerschnitzel and beer all around, then.
jon: Thank you, my friend. I just miss him and his supportive lift to my spirits something fierce at times.

Amy: Yeah. :) He could be really cranky here at times. It must have hurt like hell, some of what he got put through....

Anthony: Thank you. just wish I could make it certain we were all better cared for.
Thank you, dear friend. . . for such a lovely shrine to another dear friend whose presence and spirit I miss daily. I remembered him last weekend when I went to St Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. ~R
When there was darkness, Ry found light
When there was despair, Ry found hope
When there was malice, Ry found humanity
When there was pain, Ry found strength
When there was anger, Ry found peace
When there was sadness, Ry found love.

He is dearly missed for all he was, all he stood for and all he gave.

Love you Ry

Thank you PW......
Lovely tribute. I had no idea...I thought he was just one of the people that left OS for greener blogging pastures while I was OS-inactive. I never thought of him as someone who would die anytime soon; that' in itself is a testament to his tough spirit.

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