Oregon Man Opens Fire on Children’s Birthday Party with AK-47

Oregon Man Opens Fire on Children’s Birthday Party with AK-47:  An Oregon man has been arrested for seriously injuring two people after he fired 12 rounds into a child’s birthday party with an AK-47 - because he felt the children were too loud.

Hmm - seems like an appropriate response.  I guess I must have missed the part where he went to the house first to ask the children to quiet down.  On the other hand, you may as well just shoot first and ask questions later because those kids were probably too damn young to understand what the hell he was talking about anyway.

Besides, no respectable well armed militiaman should have to go ask a bunch of little kids about anything.  I mean, the noise was so loud, the poor guy could barely hear his Lynyrd Skynyrd playing on the 8-track.  That said, he shouldn’t expect any awards from the NRA for this little escapade - after all, he didn’t even kill anyone.


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Six days on the road
ago five (5) arrested
development 'type'
people ODx
just about a year ago
four-hundred plus (400+
bound for Quebec with an imported packet of BIC flo-quills
All of which (I-NO) is like saying Willie Horton has the same initials as the White House (WH)

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Thanks guys!


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