Opiate Abuse Causes Spike in US Hard Drug Usage

Opiate Abuse Causes Spike in US Hard Drug Usage:  A new government survey found that “hard drug” use among Americans is increasing dramatically, which experts attribute to an increase in opioid abuse.  I guess it all comes done to how you define “hard drugs.”  Now for law enforcement - I suppose it means drugs like heroin or cocaine.  On the other hand, for people like Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels, “hard drugs” means Viagra and Cialis.  


AARP Quietly Launches Internet Radio Service:  AARP has quietly introduced a free Internet radio service geared toward listeners who 50 and older.  Hell, AARP launching the station “quietly” is a smart move.  That way, you’re not gonna wake up all those seniors in the middle their damn naps.


Heavy Stubble Makes Men Attractive To Women:  A new study conducted by researchers in Australia found that women prefer men with heavy stubble over clean-shaven guys.  OK - so much for asking your girlfriend to get that fancy new razor for you next Christmas.

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Comment by Gawzamn Dionus on April 16, 2018 at 4:17am

That is cool about women being attracted to heavy stubble. In the vein of equality it should soon follow that men are attracted to woman's legs, armpits, and groin stubble ... and why not woman's upper lip and chin stubble as well.  How unfair when a woman cannot be loved as well for expressing and enjoying her freedom from the razor.


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