One Sweet Memory, One Happy Day Today -- a postscript (OS Archive - 2010)

Something slid in my thoughts today

while writing.



My small head on your chest,

our two hearts beating


Could this be true? 

The smells are of leather

and smoke.

You are reading, 

I am smiling. 

You are not a photograph,

you are not over there...  

The candle's flicker

creates child's trance.

The sounds

of Benny Goodman's genius

fills the air,

seeps inside, 

lifts my soul...

I am flying,



with Love... 


and now. 


JUNE 17, 2010 9:32PM

While writing "My Father's Name Was Woody", I remembered something cool I had to express. Please forgive the amateurish attempts at poetry...
Poetry is never "amateurish" when it is from the heart. :) kp

Beautiful, well-written poem. The only amateurs in poetry are those who never try it. Who know, they may like it. Well done. R-
Thanks for the supportive comments, I appreciate them so much. 
I really was so amazed to remember this, I've been floating a little....I don't have any other cozy memories of my father, which might be apparent in my other father's post : )
This is beautiful, truly a moment of love.
How kind to say RomanticPoetess, I've not tried this before---thanks for reading!
i'm not great critic of poems, but i know when one moves me, when the point is made softly and honestly and the feeling floats right there, on top of every line. and this one did all those things. it's lovely. happy father's day to your dad.
femme, you darling woman...glad you came by
Well, I'm honored, thank you so much...
You reach to the senses so well here.

Very nice piece!
If you can see it, touch it, taste it, smell it, it's poetry. Well done. R.
I liked this a lot. R
I really like your form here. rated.
Thanks for the comments! very appreciated....
I used to dance on my father's feet, to Benny Goodman and all his big band favorites. He taught me to "swing" in more ways that one. This...reminds me...
Dancing on big daddy feet...I wish were a happy memory for every little child. Thanks, Keka!

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