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Tonight on One Step Beyond We shall Explore a secret project undertaken by an elite enclave of scientists responsible for creating Time Travel! At first they argued amongst themselves over what would be the most beneficent act in the interests of mankind they could undertake. They weighed the long range effects of going too far back in history so they stuck with recent destructive people who could be erased by covert intervention in the recent past and they picked the destructive legacy of one Barack Hussein Obama. So, they sent a Terminator back in time to eliminate his legacy in US affairs. Little Barry in Indonesia was to be visited by a new playmate!Image result for images of lon Chaney Jr.

Now after several hours the secret team of advanced scientists anguished over their calculations and felt that a 2nd Terminator would need to be sent in order to ensure that the mission to wipe out the Obama Legacy would be assured and they sent another operative back in time!


Apparently it worked! The staff carefully evaluated the evidence and concluded that the Obama legacy had all but been eliminated! There was just one small problem.

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There was now an epidemic of fucking werewolves and we're fucked anyway!

Image result for Images of One Step Beyond

I'm John Newland and if you don't get silver bullets for your hand gun you're fucked and you won't be watching anymore of my episodes. So, get after it old man before you end up like Barry Soetoro Jr.

Just another installment in One Step Beyond!

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