Once Again
When we first me you seemed so gentle and true
Like an angel descended from a sky of blue
That was before I began to see through you
But I forgave and I forgave until we were through,

You probably feel the same when you think of me
Sorry, you were wrong my little honey bee
Sometimes you brought sweetness before stinging me
Sometimes there were simply stormy seas,

Divorce and separation like a bitter disease
Like a hot day without a cooling breeze
But for a lonely man it's just a gentle tease
He begins by pleading then he's crying on his knees,

Can't get to the cure because we deny what's real
it's all about what we choose to see and feel
And for some of us it's about finding a better deal
Forgetting about the past and tearful appeals,

Oh my little honey bee you've flown so far away
With God knows who where you'll finally want to stay
Then that game will start over you like so much to play
Until once again you're heart will stray.

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