On the “Exchange”

I'm up all night again, like most nights..... Going thru the Youtube, looking for resonances of Keeshka ( see the last post) Stopped in he and read Koshers post.

He isn't taking comments on his post, so I'm going to make one here and you can accept it or not.

As one of the people who was truly relieved to see trump elected, I've been keeping a low profile around here, hoping it will all die down before things get truly destructive,

Many of you might be surprised that I like most of the people here, and have no desire to see everyone destroying friendships and leaving the blog.

Trump is in need of a loyal opposition now, and that means us.

About Kosh's exchange with Ron, Ron, it's not that it isn't always about race,

It's that when you are with friends who you trust, it's never about race,

It's what you can do,not what you look like. In a community, you leave any race notions outside. No one owes anyone reparations, no one take it easy on the golden one. You are equal.

As Monkey said in there , actions don't count nearly as much as intent,

If I intended to hurt your feelings becuse you wronged me, I'm afraid I'm the kind that hurts more than feelings, You don't have to sit around reading tea leaves to understand me, I will tell you

I like Kosher.... I personally usually find it very easy to do business with an ethnic, cutural Jew. Wisdom Matters to them Observation matters to them,Fairness /justice matters to them.

I will give a Jew the benefit of the doubt before I would give most rednecks the benefit of the doubt,,, and I i'm a redneck

Mainly what I set out to say is that I read what was being said, but didn't feel that my 2 cents would have made anfy difference.

But, today, I will tell you. You may have me down as one of trumps mindless deplorables, and you can think that, and you probably think I'm just busting a gut at the way you people are fighting over “SUN TAN!!!!!”

Not A t ALL. I have never been the party of anyone, I've always been the loyal opposition .

Trump is not the end of the world you think, but he will need some loyal and FAIR opposition

sooner you guys quit picking at each other, the sooner we can get to work keeping the donald straight

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Comment by tr ig on December 19, 2016 at 9:17am

Painful .. trying to get through this with the punctuation and spelling. I mean, I can do it/have now done it, because I'm well trained at finding context and piecing puzzles together, but yeah .. the pain. That said, kudos for at least trying to write your own blog, something Ron barely ever attempts. And Ron it's OlBerman ... OlDerman is you, and let us not forget black. Yes we get it, you are a black older man, but not nearly as smart as you think, based on what you put out here. 

aka .. it's late now, too late to be kvetching on the electoral college. The system is bad, but it's our system. Maybe we'll change it now but I doubt it. We can be assured that if roles were reversed, if Hillary won slimly in electoral, but lost the popular by millions, she'd be all over it. Remember the Dem California primary when she announced victory the minute the polls opened? While not being happy about "big top" coming out ahead, I can at least glean a small bit of satisfaction knowing sociopath Hillary didn't. 

FAIR opposition. What is that exactly? Deep thoughts Token. 


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